Dengue in Hawaii: “Give Me Vaccines!” NO! Bring Me Nano Silver!

Proven Immune Support In Mosquito-Borne ConditionsDengue fever on the Big Island of Hawaii has infected 250 people since October 2015 in the biggest outbreak since 1942. In order to eliminate breeding sites, Hawaii County Mayor Billy Kenoi has issued an order authorizing the destruction of old tires in landfills.

Dengue fever, also known as “Breakbone fever” is a painful and debilitating disease which can be life threatening.  It is spread by the same mosquitoes as Zika Virus (a trivial disease incorrectly associated with birth defects) and Yellow Fever (a serious disease).

Oxitech has released huge numbers of genetically modified mosquitoes in various parts of the world, including Brazil, designed to reduce the mosquito population but these strategies have huge problems and their unintended consequences, such as increasing incidence of Dengue in Brazil and elsewhere, are only unfolding now.

While there is a dangerous vaccine against Yellow Fever (which even WHO says is too dangerous for people over 60 to take in any circumstances). none exists against Dengue.

The bad news is that the clamor for a Dengue vaccine and/or GMO mosquitoes will undoubtedly be loud and persistent, funded and fueled as it is likely to be by the corporations that make the most from these measures.

The good news is that the immune support that Nano Silver 10 PPM (which cannot be made in your kitchen unless you live in a chemical laboratory which has the ability to generate 10,000 lbs of pressure for 3 days in the presence of 10,000 volts of electricity) will act as a robust safety net: 1 cap of this totally safe substance per day plus another cap at the opposite end of the day if you have been exposed to something, means you do not need vaccines.

For anything.

Visit and make a donation which will bring you Nano Silver 10 PPM as a Thank You gift or visit to purchase your supply.

Either way, make sure you have some on hand.  Tests show that it has a shelf life of pretty much forever!


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