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Nano Silver 10 PPM and the AVD (Advance Vaccine Directive) Card
With Gold and Soul Too…
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Rima E. Laibow, MD, Practicing Drug Free Medicine and Psychiatry for Nearly 50 Years KNOWS What Supports Your Health.  When she recommends, people around the world listen!
Imagine insider recommendations from a top drug free MD to help you avoid infection, vaccination and the effects of toxic food, air and water on your present and future health (and help safeguard your loved ones, too!)

That’s exactly what you get when you follow Dr. Rima’s Recommendations™.  She’s scoured the globe for the best, simplest and most cost effective health promotion, prevention and protection strategies.
Her top picks are on this page.

As you can guess, this does not make Big Pharma, Big Medica or Big Money very happy so they have attacked her ability to tell you about these wonderful options (constant high-level hack attacks against her main site, www.DrRimaTruthReports.com and store, www.NSFMarketplace.com.

The banksters have shut off her Paypal account, too, so those in the know understand that they have to go around the obstacle-makers to get these wonderful products!

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Immune Protection Is King!
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Dr. Rima’s Nano Silver 10 PPM does for you.  Suffice it to say that Dr. Rima and everyone at Natural Solutions Foundation uses her Nano Silver 10 PPM for their own infection protection and shares it with everyone they care about, young and old.

Non toxic, with an extended shelf life, it can tackle whatever natural or man-made plague it meets by supporting your own immune defenses powerfully yet gently.

What a wonderful gift for parents, travelers, care-givers, pet-owners or yourself to promote potent immune health!


Legally Refuse All Vaccines for Yourself and Your Family!
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Health-informed people are increasingly leery of vaccines at the same time that the globalist elitists are pressing for more vaccine mandates than ever before. They do not want you to know that you and your family have the absolute right to refuse any mandated vaccine IF, and ONLY IF, you assert that right correctly.

Dr. Rima’s Advance Vaccine Directive is just what the Doctor ordered to avoid vaccines! Used as directed, you and your loved ones will be acting in accord with national and international law which overrides whatever the local, state or national legislators choose to do. Dr. Rima advises you to know your rights and use them to avoid all dangerous vaccines, which means all of them!




Dr. Rima Recommends Seed Nutrition for Health Promotion and Restoration

Whole seeds provide wholesome benefits that we all need living in a toxic world but it’s hard to find and usually hard to swallow! That’s why she is so enthusiastic about SOUL, a delicious, nutritious and convenient  shot of seed nutrition in a 2 oz pouch.  That makes it easy to slip in school bags, purses or pockets for quick, on the go nutrition with an irresistible flavor!

Offering 4 Unique Nutrient Benefits
Eat the Seeds!
www.myrainlife.com/naturalsolutions [User ID # 213269]

www.myrainlife.com/naturalsolutions [User ID # 213269]



Guard Your Family – and Yourself! – against the coming economic chaos.  Throughout history, precious metals have replaced collapsing currencies.  Customarily sold by the ounce for thousands of dollars, gold is generally beyond the reach of most people.

Dr. Rima is determined to provide tools to protect every aspect of health, including economic health.

She recommends real gold that you can take possession of conveniently and easily.

Small, certified, easily transported (concealed, if need be) and exchanged, Karatbars 1, 2 and 5 g bars are the prudent person’s answer: affordable and growing in value at an amazing rate, they provide an investment in health by protecting wealth in manageable amounts.