Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, August 18, 2018 ( Dane Wigington )

The global burning continues in many regions, while other parts of the planet are pummeled with record flooding. How rapidly will the climate unraveling accelerate? What will the impacts be? How close are they?

Is it already too late to alter our current trajectory? How can we know unless we (all of us) wake the masses to what is unfolding? We must collectively do everything we can to alter our current course, time is not on our side.

Dane Wigington

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If you listen to the Iron Mountain documentary, you will discover the cabal had determined they would use an environmental disaster to foment their continuing agenda of death and control of humanity (ie. global warming). Geoengineering is the weapon being used against us under the guise of saving us from global warming. pray pray pray.