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Internet speculation abounds that the novel Coronavirus spreading around the world is a weaponized virus. An article by Foundation Counsel Ralph at www.opensourcetruth.com sheds important light on the possibility. This is a Must Read!


Speculation abounds that SOMEONE has weaponized the Coronavirus now hurtling around the globe. And scientific analysis showing that 4 gene sequences from the HIV-1 virus have been inserted into the virus seem to corroborate that.

But the story has more twists and turns than that.

For example, [1] commenting on an article on the Chinese weaponization of this virus, we learn,

“On October 18th 2019, the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, in conjunction with the World Economic Forum and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, brought together “15 leaders of business, government, and public health” to simulate a scenario in which a coronavirus pandemic was ravaging the planet. Major participants were American military leadership, and certain neocon political figures.

The Chinese were not invited. this is unusual, as almost all the major viral outbreaks for the last decade occurred inside of China and Africa. The members took notes, and then returned to their day to day operations…

The very next day…300 US military personnel arrived in Wuhan for the Military World Games on October 19.The first coronavirus case appeared two weeks later, on November 2. mind that the Coronavirus incubation period is 14 days.

It seems much more likely the virus was used to attack China by US military if you look at documented conspiracy theories but nobody knows for sure.”

Open Source Truth is tracking the story closely. Counsel Ralph’s latest article in this potentially deadly saga is available now. I urge you to read it and to share it as widely as you can with a reminder to people that they can follow the truth of this and other vital stories by signing up for Dr. Rima’s Health Freedom Newsletter HERE.

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[1] https://greatgameindia.com/coronavirus-bioweapon/


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