Silver Speculation for Survival

Silver Speculation for Survival

Timber is Protected Too


I just read a fascinating scientific paper that got me thinking about a question I get asked quite often, “I can make colloidal silver myself. Why do I need your Dr Rima Recommends™ Nano Silver 10 PPM? After all, isn’t colloidal silver ionic and isn’t ionic silver nano sized? So what’s the big deal?”

Well, there is a very big deal indeed in the exact conformation (size/shape/chemical bonding, etc.). You can, in fact, make the same silver that is available at on your kitchen table if you happen to live in a metallurgical laboratory and have a 10,000 volt sealed vessel which can generate 10,000 PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) of pressure in your kitchen…

You see, the article I was reading, about the Interaction of Silver Nanoparticles with Serum Proteins [1] makes a very interesting point: when the nano silver the researchers generated was by itself, its activity in the presence of serum (the fluid and solute component of blood) was limited. But when it was “capped” by other molecules, its activity increased substantially. The “activity” I am referencing is fundamentally a nutritional activity where silver, which occurs naturally in the food and water supply, has a role to play in supporting normal cellular activity. I am not adopting any “medical treatment” language that may occur in that scientific paper.

What the article showed is that simple ionic/colloidal silver was not that much of a contender compared to nano silver particles adhering to other molecules.

Well, that got me wondering if their concept of ‘capping’ the Nano Silver particles might apply to our silver. On reflection, although I would never have called it that, I believe it does; the silver particles, once subjected to high voltage and pressure for an extended period of time, form a bond with, are “capped by”, oxygen molecules to form tiny spheres of Ag4O4, which is a molecule that occurs in nature, but not in abundance. That means that 4 molecules of oxygen bond with 4 molecules of silver into a silver oxide, in the form of a tetrahedron (see image above).

Once they encounter dysregulated organisms, a chain of events takes place that supports your immune system’s ability to keep you safe and is, on a variety of fronts, a total game changer in times like these.

In fact, these support mechanisms are so profound that the US government demonstrated in research declassified way back in 2009 that our Nano Silver excelled at doing just that over other, higher concentrations of Nano Silver. That study showed that our Nano Silver, in vitro, supported normal cell membrane integrity. Your living cells’ membranes are an essential element of your immune system. Keeping the critters in your microbiome where they belong, in your gut, orifices and on the surfaces of your body, not in your serum and other bodily fluids, and absolutely not within your living cells.

So we appear to be capping the silver with oxygen, allowing it to do its protective work better than uncapped silver.

But there is a wrinkle in the silver time, here. Once the sphere is digested by the action of an abundant enzyme called catalase, the naked, uncapped Nano silver particles float out. Oxygen, an important nutrient, is also liberated. And they, according to this paper, should have little or no impact on the ability of the organisms that are part of your normal microbiome to cause disease.

Hold onto your hats. Now we are intp seriously advanced science! The fact is, they have also been “capped” with a frequency, 910 Terra Hertz, which they carry with them because of the ground breaking work of the sorely-missed, now-deceased Dr. Rustum Roy.

Over a period of 3 intense years, Dr. Roy, an academic Materials Scientists, figured out how to add a particular frequency to a mineral water and have the frequency continuously emitted by the nano particles in solution, in this case, silver.

And the particles are also “capped” by a static charge which acts as a disrupter to the things that need to be disrupted, but, like a dog whistle that grabs Fido’s attention immediately, yet causes no reaction in you or me, the frequency “cap” is potent for regulating dysregulated cells so it is totally benign for your healthy cells and mine. It exquisitely supports the normal structure and function of your natural immunity.

General Bert and I worked extensively with frequently in our clinical practice and came to understand that frequency added to a healthy immune system, if it were the right frequency, achieved results that to the uninitiated looked a lot like magic, white magic, to be sure, but magic none the less.

So when we first learned about the frequency component of the Nano Silver 10 PPM we were excited, but not at all disturbed.

So, yes, appropriate ‘capping’ of silver nano particles leads to increased efficacy. Makes sense to me.

I firmly believe that Dr. Rima Recommends™ Nano Silver 10 PPM is the best immune support going. I am literally trusting my life to it. Yes, I am following the social distancing, sanitation and hygiene guidelines because other people are not protected. I know that I am.

I tell those who will listen. I tell a lot of people who do not bother to listen. They live in fear and trepidation, waiting for the mythical (and disastrous) “salvation” of what will be, as all are, an “unavoidably unsafe” vaccine instead of using rational thinking and supporting the support system that will keep them alive and, with enough nutritional support, well.

My approach is simple: I take a cap full in the morning. If I believe I am exposed to anything that could compromise my immune system’s ability to keep me healthy, I increase that to two or three caps full spread out across the day.

That’s it.

And, no, there is no other silver like it that I know of on the planet.

Before I close, let me tell you a story:

I have a friend now living in one of the Corona Virus ‘hot spots’ who knows, and has benefited over many years, from the way I practice health care. She called me not long ago with a friend of hers on the phone who lives in another part of the country. They were both scared witless of the viral contagion because both of them are immunologically vulnerable.

I asked both of them, who have known me for years, if they had my silver on hand and were using it.

They both had purchased other brands of silver saying that they figured that they were all really the same so it did not really matter.

I told them that if their immune systems did not really matter, they are right, but that if they did want to support them, then the unique and multi-factored protection of this particular, and quite unique, nutrient was important for them to have on board.

Neither one of them considered that there might be a reason that Dr. Rima Recommends THIS particular Nano Silver.  Now they’ve added Dr. Rima Recommends Nano Silver 10 PPM to their routine, along with social distancing, sanitation and good hygiene.

There it is. That’s what I’ve explained above. Because it is, so far as I have been able to determine over the course of decades, the absolute best silver support for every immune system on the planet.

Including my spectacular and incredibly loving new German Shepherd, Timber. He weighs about half of what I do so he gets 1/2 a cap full in his water bowl.

Stay well.

My Nano Silver is available here, while supplies last (and I am running low as I write this):

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima
Rima E. Laibow, MD
Natural Solutions Foundation
Medical Director

Required Disclaimer:  These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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