Dr. Rima Replies: Getting Out of the UN/WHO Is Not Difficult

One of our valued freedom advocate allies is mistaken about how the US Congress can get US out of the Death Machine known as the UN/WHO.  Here is what I just wrote to Katherine Watt.  After reading, please go to https://preventgenocide2030.org and take action NOW! The other side is really worried that we can stop the Death Machine.  Yes we can!


I love your work. I think that your diligent and inspired research and interpretation provides a level of scholarly, yet comprehensible depth to our fight that is essential.

I have tried to reach out to you in the past through our mutual, and esteemed, colleague, James Roguski, without success and found that, sadly, because I cannot afford to be a paid subscriber to your stack, I cannot comment directly on your observations on the Disengage Entirely From the UN Debacle Act (HR 6645/S 3428).

You mention that you have reached out to both of us, by the way, but I have never received anything from you, which may be another indication of what is happening to my email. Here it is again, because I would love to be in direct contact: dr.rima@naturalsolutionsfoundation.com.

To the point of my writing to you today: I was startled to see your comments on the Lee/Roy Act mentioned in your recent post on the topic. According to the attorney with whom I had a discussion once you mentioned your reservation to the Act, and as I have always understood, a bill that is passed and either signed by the President or passed with a supermajority overriding a Presidential veto supersedes previous legislation and thus overturns it.

There is no need, according to my understanding and that of my consulting Counsel, to specifically overturn a law when a law is being passed that overturns another law, in this case the 1945 Joint Resolution to which you correctly point as the moment of our engagement with the tyrannical, but brilliantly propagandized, United Nations.

Thus, as I understand it, once the law is passed by the necessary supermajority which will allow it to withstand the inevitable veto, we will be withdrawn from the UN/WHO/Etc.

For me, this is THE central issue which we face on the external battlefield on which humanity will, literally, survive or fall.
While I am not a Catholic, I appreciated the thoughts that you shared on what the essential nature of the battle is.

It is my firm contention that the real battle begins once we exit the Death Machine. That’s when we, as humanity, as humans, get to demonstrate who and what we are and what we are made of. It is at that point that we are faced with the enormous, and enormously important, task of unwinding each of the strands of corruption, deceit, decay and inauthentic control that the eugenicist would-be overlords of creation, the visionary predatory “philanthropist Globalists/nee Fabian Socialists, have inserted into every single institution and function of society.

It’s a big job. Someone has to do it.

But first, we must exit the Death Machine, and quickly.

They are wounded by our attacks right now, but that just makes them more dangerous.

You have my respect and admiration, Katherine, and, if you are willing, I would love to have you join me and a number of others on an International Roundtable this coming Saturday at 5 PM Pacific. If you are available, please reach out to me via the email above.

Katherine’s Article:  https://bailiwicknews.substack.com/p/on-the-omission-of-the-july-28-1945


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