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All previous outbreaks, epidemics and pandemics end when Community Immunity, NOT the discredited “Herd Immunity”, renders the majority of us immunologically able to handle contact with the pathogen instead of succumbing to it.

The destructive and illogical measures brought in to support the Declared Pandemic, now into the second year, the counterproductive masking, social distancing and lockdowns, have inhibited and actually prevented the development of Community Immunity, leaving the general population MORE vulnerable to pathogens, not less.

Shutting away healthy people until they can be intentionally exposed to an enhanced version of the pathogen (the “vaccine”) is not only bad public health, it is a way to insure maximal harm from that enhanced pathogen.  The enhanced pathogen is endlessly replicated Spike Protein that the bodies of the “vaccinated” have been programmed to produce – for the rest of their lives.

The injection of the novel gene-altering “vaccines” (hereinafter, The Jab) itself causes massive biological harm and wide-spread death according to both EU Yellow Card and US VAERS death reports.   In fact, even official sources are now forced to admit that, since the introduction of the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) Jabs more people have died from injection from a COVID-19 jab than from the disease itself.

Far worse, however, is the continuing, permanent harm done to the jabbed individual and the endless, life-long manufacture of the Spike Protein which has been identified as the cause of the widely varied symptoms associated with the presence of the Spike Protein.

And worse still is the fact that the endless replication of the Spike Protein causes the jabbed person to not only damage him or her self through immune distortion and potentially cataclysmic inflammatory damage to every tissue, but each jabbed person literally is transformed into a weaponized walking, talking, breathing factory of the Spike Protein, transmitting-shedding-spreading it — and potentially other as yet unknown substances — through his/her breath, skin, urine, feces, semen, menstrual fluid and saliva.

The totality of what, precisely, is being transmitted/shed/spread is unclear.  Precise scientific determination of the material(s) being produced and communicated through contact is urgently required.

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