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All previous outbreaks, epidemics and pandemics end when Community Immunity, NOT the discredited “Herd Immunity”, renders the majority of us immunologically able to handle contact with the pathogen instead of succumbing to it.

The destructive and illogical measures brought in to support the Declared Pandemic, now into the second year, the counterproductive masking, social distancing and lockdowns, have inhibited and actually prevented the development of Community Immunity, leaving the general population MORE vulnerable to pathogens, not less.

Shutting away healthy people until they can be intentionally exposed to an enhanced version of the pathogen (the “vaccine”) is not only bad public health, it is a way to insure maximal harm from that enhanced pathogen.  The enhanced pathogen is endlessly replicated Spike Protein that the bodies of the “vaccinated” have been programmed to produce – for the rest of their lives.

The injection of the novel gene-altering “vaccines” (hereinafter, The Jab) itself causes massive biological harm and wide-spread death according to both EU Yellow Card and US VAERS death reports.   In fact, even official sources are now forced to admit that, since the introduction of the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) Jabs more people have died from injection from a COVID-19 jab than from the disease itself.

Far worse, however, is the continuing, permanent harm done to the jabbed individual and the endless, life-long manufacture of the Spike Protein which has been identified as the cause of the widely varied symptoms associated with the presence of the Spike Protein.

And worse still is the fact that the endless replication of the Spike Protein causes the jabbed person to not only damage him or her self through immune distortion and potentially cataclysmic inflammatory damage to every tissue, but each jabbed person literally is transformed into a weaponized walking, talking, breathing factory of the Spike Protein, transmitting-shedding-spreading it — and potentially other as yet unknown substances — through his/her breath, skin, urine, feces, semen, menstrual fluid and saliva.

The totality of what, precisely, is being transmitted/shed/spread is unclear.  Precise scientific determination of the material(s) being produced and communicated through contact is urgently required.

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  1. I spent 1 week in close quarters with a vaccinated person and now I am having vaginal bleeding and brain fog. I want to find a Dr. that is studying the transmission of the vaxed to the unvaxed. If you know anyone, please send them my info.

    1. I experienced the same thing. It actually snowballed into extreme inflammation in my joints then my heart. All tests came back fine. This was may 1st and I’m still having heart pain. I’m a healthy 40 yr old woman. I did take ivermectin for five days and steroids for five days. It helped but the damage had already been done. Also high doses of vitamin c in the powder form three times of day helped also. 2,000 mg each dose. American frontline doctors can get you the prescription. The protocol is on the website. Good luck and treat yourself early!!

      1. Our Emergency Writ to the U.S. Supreme Court to STOP this madness and END all forms of discrimination that is based upon vaccination status was just put on the docket. See it here:

        #VaccinesR4depopulation See the EVIDENCE here:
        This study has now been peer-reviewed by multiple concurring experts. It is a mathematical impossibility vaccine-exposure is NOT the CAUSE of over 90% of the health problems suffered by Americans today!

      2. Hi from Ireland. Just out into DuckDuckGo but got message saying…name not resolved!😏😏😏….any advice please and thanks. God bless all. Pray to St There’s for help through all this.🙏🙏🙏

    2. I just read this and your appeal for a protocol to help detox.
      I don’t have the website address at my finger tips, these people have been very outspoken
      Dr Judy Mikovits detoxspikeproteins
      Dr Peter McCullough Amazing Doctor & colleaques has protocols for first symptoms , may help.
      Dr David Martin
      Dr Brownstein Detroit has a first symptoms protocol, and a protocol for advanced sickness. Nebulizer distilled water, H2O2(hydrogen peroxide food grade) + lugol’s iodine.
      This protocol on first symptoms , patients walk out of hospital in 1-2 days.
      I use NAC,PQQ, lipo Vit C, D3, zinc w/copper,Vit A, magnesium,
      Children have high levels of Glutathion, Adults don’t, NAC tells body to make Glutathion.
      Or buy Glutathion . I know NAC works because removed from their site.

      Hope this helps somebody- BC Canada
      Ivermectin & Hydroxychloroquine are used around the world. Ivermectin has been used for 70 years, it’s the safest medication in the world. Places like south America it is taken every day. Bill Gates and friends (CDC) don’t allow it’s use. Recovery in 9 countries I looked at was 3.6 – 7 days no death. All farm stores carry it for Horses. Don’t believe only for animals not human consumption. 15ml is dosage for 1500 lb horse.

      I know this doesn’t help vaxxd or shed upon people, my concern also.
      I use a Dr Rife type machine to detox. Frequency device. Reluctant to put my email address
      out to public. If this site can send reply to hidden email then I will get.
      I use several generators for last 7 years , I was supposed to die 6 years ago, told Doctor I’m not comfortable with that. I’m almost 100% healthy today(no killer medications) , I’m 81. no daily medications. No meds at all.
      Yes, i’m looking for any protocol to detox VAXX invisible rain drops.
      NOTE: all masks initially received from China had Graphene oxide , some say bioweapon worms also. Found in toothpaste and shampoo. Anything you consume from China is suspect as they provide Bill Gates with computer program to generate this digital vaccine.

      Yep, I get carried away with my replies sometimes.
      Any stores that have mandates for a vaxx card tell friends , never buy there again. Always buy from small family stores as Gates and his masters own all big business.
      Blackrock and Vanguard control 92% of the economy, Majority stock holders Rockefellers and Rothchilds. Bill Gates owns 5 of 6 largest Pharmaceutical Mfg
      Please look it all up , the more you know about the enemy the better chance of survival.

    3. You can document your experience on
      My cycle
      I heard about this effort to gather data from “The 5 docs” a few months ago. I don’t know if they have published anything yet.

    4. Hi from Canada!

      You are not aleons! I had the same problems at work…

      Search for “shedding”. There are numerous recent articles on this subject.

      Either FLCC or CCCA can provide accurate informations.

      Close contact might not be the only contamination source. Please visit this site and watch the documentary “The Dimming”:

      Dr. Mihalcea also has produced many videos on “vaccine” nanotecnology content. For detox informations (I have not tested this claim):

      Good luck!

    5. Hi Melissa,

      Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea MD, PHD has done those studies, here is a link reproving the early Spanish Covid study revealing nano/foreign tech in even the unvaxxed clients blood! So thankfully there IS* a way out of this for those who have an ear to’s called EDTA Chelation therapy – <which proved to bring the blood back to “normal” without any trace of the nano tech or foreign compounds etc, check her out on Substack!

  2. I disagree with that fine doctor. There are ways to dump this from the bodies. I am doing research and learning.
    Thank you for all you do.


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