Operational Security & Joining Telegram


We recommend joining Telegram. 

It is a currently uncensored social media platform that, as it says, supports one to one and one to many communications.

While the censored “legacy” social media were losing a half billion members (by banning or quitting) Telegram gained a half billion users.

When you go to https://www.Telegram.org you will find this screen:

You can send “DMs” — direct messages — to people with whom you are connected, or join Groups (smaller, private discussions) or Channels (larger

The OST Telegram Group is: https://t.me/opensourcetruth

Get Telegram here:  https://www.telegram.org

This note is from a Telegram Group called Woke Intelligence which is part of OSINT [Open Source Intel] — https://t.me/WokeIntelDrops


In the interest of OPSEC there is something everybody needs to start knowing:

Big Tech has always been your enemy; they have only now shown their hand brazenly as they finally control everything.

Open Source is our only hope for security, privacy, and freedom.  https://t.me/FuryRoad_Intel/994

If you have never used Linux, go get it now. For newbies, Linux Mint is very user friendly.

Look up TAILS or https://tails.boum.org for the best

For comms, Signal and Element/Matrix are the gold standard. Gab is also good. Obviously you’re in Telegram.

Beyond that, check the suggestions at www.privacytools.io.

If you own an Android phone, see if its supported by LineageOS. If you own a Pixel, check out GrapheneOS. If you own an iPhone… get another phone.

If you are tech savvy and want out of those walled gardens, check out PinePhone or Librem5.

Get a VPN. Only ProtonVPN and Mullvad are recommended at this time.

Open Source means you can go see the code for yourself, and any changes/updates are viewable by everybody, and watched by thousands if not millions of people. They must also be approved and merged by official devs.

Apple is your enemy. Google is your enemy. Microsoft is your enemy.

Take control of your own devices and your own information. Go open source.

Your freedom may depend on it…

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