We Have Until Monday to Object to Global Health Tyranny


URGENT! EVERYONE ON EARTH is invited to submit your written comments via email to OGA.RSVP@hhs.gov before 5pm Eastern time on Monday, January 22, 2024 with the subject line:

“Written Comment Re: Implications of Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) Commitments/Regimes and Other Proposed Commitments in the WHO Pandemic Agreement”

The most recent Negotiating Text of the WHO Pandemic Agreement (Negotiating Text) can be found here:


Here is what I just wrote:

To: Office for Global Affairs

Subject: Written Comment Re: Implications of Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) Commitments/Regimes and Other Proposed Commitments in the WHO Pandemic Agreement

I am a retired Attorney at Law with over a half century experience in regulatory law involving health and nutrition.

I urge the USA representatives to the World Health Assembly and the WHO Executive Board to oppose all the proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations or the rumored ‘Pandemic Treaty’.

I personally support withdrawing the USA from the WHO, UN and similar agencies.

I support, as the only alternative to the IHR and ‘Pandemic Treaty’, the Seven Principles of Humane Health Care, as adopted by the Ad Hoc International Health Freedom Advocates:

Pandemics do not occur in well-functioning societies.
Public Health / Sovereignty / Personal Medical Freedom
Informed Consent / Informed Dissent
Social Controls Violate / Local Control

Existing International regulations and treaties regarding international, local or personal health must be replaced by the principals of H.H.C. (Humane Health Care), starting with the First Rule: Do No Harm.

[1] Public Health: In a humanely functioning society with proper hygiene, sanitation and nutrition, pandemics and wide-spread chronic illness do not occur. Pandemics do not occur in well-functioning societies.

[2] Sovereignty: Pandemics and other ‘health conditions’ must not be used as weapons to curtail or eliminate the inalienable personal rights and freedoms of We, the People, nor to damage personal sovereignty and/or national sovereignty.

[3] Personal Medical Freedom is essential and guaranteed. Each individual is the relevant stakeholder in preserving his/her health and has the absolute human right to access any health strategy, freely deciding whether or not to consent to, or refuse, any proposed treatment.

[4] Informed Consent is the necessary precondition for health freedom; any violation of Informed Consent is both a crime against humanity and against the individual.

[5] Informed Dissent: means demanding transparency, open communications and unfettered freedom of speech, which are essential to prevent tyrannical consequences of ‘pandemics-of-convenience’ and widespread chronic ill health.

[6] Social Controls Violate both Informed Consent and Informed Dissent and promote pandemics or widespread chronic ill-health. Social controls include lockdowns, Digital ID Passports, Social Credit Scores, social distancing, censorship and so-called “vaccine” mandates.

[7] Local Control, in harmony with the above Principles, must form the basis of social governance. Global, private and public-private partnership organizations must remain free of conflicts of interest and be restricted to advisory roles only.



Rev. Ralph Fucetola JD
Institute for Health Research

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