The Taxonomy of Targeting

The Taxonomy of Targeting
“Taxonomy is the practice and science of classification of things or concepts…” [1]
Ralph Fucetola, JD and Rima E. Laibow, MD

Non-consensual experimentation, a Crime Against Humanity, is a hidden crime because it is a forbidden topic. No more!

Using people without their Informed Consent and knowledge for experiments is a heinous transgression of every sort of decency and, according to most people, CANNOT exist because it MUST NOT exist.

Sadly, it does. And it will go on until we stop it through breaking the secret lock on information on which the perpetrators rely. We must shine the light of widespread public outrage on this criminal activity.  The perpetrators, by the way, occupy high levels of trust and power and believe that they are secure from our revelations and research.

They are not.

Here at Natural Solutions Foundation we have previously written about Targeted Individuals (TIs) [2], focusing on the absolute torture that TIs face. Think about it: targeting individuals is targeting all humanity.  The individuals who realize they have been targeted are the proverbial “canaries in the coal mine” showing us the risks we all face. Targeting shows us why Informed Consent is the defining issue of the 21st Century.

We believe a Taxonomy of Targeting is urgently needed, defining the various forms of targeting that are occurring across the world — keep reading; it is below.

Targeting is frequently politically motivated, but the varieties of targeting include many other motivations. Regardless of the motivation, any targeting and Non-Consensual Experimentation is an assault on the non-consenting individual, violating international (and national) law.

Despite this, the US Congress gave the Pharmaceutical Industry a great gift when it passed the heinous “21st Century Cures [sic] Act” last December, giving drug companies authority to conduct clinical trials without permission or notification so long as the clinical trial was conducted on 8000 people or less. What if the experiment kills, maims or harms the individual who has no idea that he or she is being experimented upon and has certainly never given consent?  Well, from the point of view of the experimenter, that is why it IS an experiment.  Who knows what will happen?  And, again, from the point of view of the experimenter, who cares?

What most people never realize is that in a pharmaceutical or other type of clinical trial, half of the people in the trial do not receive the active agent so they are treated with a “placebo” — an inactive agent. There may be times when that risk is worth taking and that is why people sometimes give their Informed Consent for a clinical trial. In an unannounced experiment or clinical trial, there is no choice given since the very basis of the experiment is total deceit.

But what if the experiment is not a drug that someone is hoping to receive? What if the experiment is a spray “vaccine” (see photo below) or a chip (or many of them)? Suppose that chip is secretly implanted and activated or monitored without the knowledge, consent or participation of the person who is the unwilling lab rat? What if those experiments, which can kill, main or otherwise damage the individual, are not unheard of, not rare, but actually quite common (think mass vaccination)? [3]

2013 NYC/CIA Subway Experiment in NYC [4]

How upset would you be if this were being done to you or your loved ones?

 In a survey conducted by the Natural Solutions Foundation we learned that 50% of the respondents believe that they or a loved one were TIs!

We are deeply outraged by this atrocious violation of humanity, and know you are, too. Who is targeted? How are they targeted? Keep reading.

Here is an overview of targeting categories. We’ll need your support to do this Research.

The perpetrators have all the money they need. We know we can depend on you.

Types of Targeting

  1.      Chips: Non-consensual electronic experimentation implanted through specialized, genetically modified, patented insects, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, “smart dust”, etc.
  2.      Mind Control: ex: patented Voice-to-Skull technology, radio frequency pain experiments, etc.
  3.      Withholding Treatment for Experimental purposes: ex: the infamous Tuskegee Experiments,1932 – 1972 [5]
  4.      Non-Consensual Hallucinogens: ex: CIA LSD experiments, 1953 – 1973 [6]
  5.      ChemTrails / Geoengineering: filling the skies with experimental, toxic chemicals; weather modifying [7]
  6.      Intentional Poisoning: ex: poisoning a spouse during a divorce
  7.      Political Targeting: ex: retired spy poisoned in the UK [8]
  8.      Financial Targeting: ex: Operation Chokepoint, as experienced by Dr. Rima and Gen. Bert 2014
  9.      Isolating / Invalidating: ex: “Gaslighting” and fraudulent psychiatric hospitalization/medication/ECT (shock treatment)
  10.      Gang Stalking: organized harassment often orchestrated by government agencies
  11.      Government Surveillance and Harassment: ex: political dissidents, UFO experiencers and whistle-blowers
  12.      Murder Victims: ex: political dissidents, whistle-blowers and other “inconvenient” individuals often involving unexplained hospital deaths, faked/forced suicides, disappearances [9]
  13.       Mass Public Non-consensual Spraying: ex: the 2013 CIA/NYPD subway “experiment” and vaccine spraying or release of modified insects that can deliver vaccines or nano chips to large numbers of non-consensual  people

Health Freedom is absolute. Either you do control your own body or you don’t. Period. But as if vaccine intrusions were not bad enough (solved by the use of the Advance Vaccine Directive Card), Non-Consensual experimentation is a looming nightmare you need to know about and join us in stopping. It is the ultimate violation of your Health Freedom.

Non-Consensual Experimentation or NCE and the rest need to end. TIs, those who have been used as non-consenting targets, deserve our help and our support. We are all TIs.

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[2] Dr. Rima’s Initial TI Article from Open Source Truth
Counsel Ralph’s Article: Targeting Humanity
[3] Here is a listing to 2007:
[5] – in which men of color, with syphilis were “observed” when they believed that they were receiving treatment.  Actual treatment, which existed, was withheld so that “scientists” could “learn” about the disease.