Christian Broadway star gets booted from show for not being vaccinated

Now a story out of New York shows that fame does not protect against the edicts to get the shots.

Broadway star Laura Osnes lost a special one-night-only gig in East Hampton because she revealed to her co-star that she had not been vaccinated, Page Six reported Thursday night.

What happened?

Osnes, a two-time Tony nominee and onetime star of the Broadway shows “Cinderella,” “Bonnie and Clyde,” “Grease,” “South Pacific,” and “Anything Goes,” was set to star in a production of “Crazy for You” on Aug. 29 in front of what Page Six described as a “star-studded audience.”

But there was a problem: The theater where the show is scheduled to take place, the Guild Hall in East Hampton, has COVID mandates of its own. According to the outlet, the theater requires all staff and performers to be vaccinated or show evidence of a negative COVID test.

The actress, a self-described Christian conservative, is not vaccinated — and has no plans to get jabbed.

According to Page Six, Osnes told her co-star, Tony Yazbeck, about her vaccine views after he queried her about the issue, reportedly because “he has two little kids at home.”

During the conversation, Osnes reportedly revealed that she had not been vaccinated and explained that she does not trust the shots.

Sources told Page Six that Osnes got yanked from the show “immediately” after telling Yazbeck about her stance — even though the theater allows for negative COVID tests in lieu of vaccination, which was pointed out by a Guild Hall representative who clarified to the outlet that the venue’s requirement “is that performers have the option to provide proof of full vaccination or a recent negative COVID test result.”

Osnes was replaced by “The Little Mermaid” Broadway lead Sierra Boggess.

The hall’s artistic director, Josh Gladstone, justified giving Osnes the hook to Page Six because it falls in line with Actors’ Equity and Broadway requirements.

“We have a requirement now along the lines of what Actors’ Equity is requiring, and what Broadway is requiring, for performances,” Gladstone said, adding, “We’re very excited with the cast that we have, and we’re delighted [director and choreographer] Susan [Stroman] has put together a beautiful evening. We’re sorry not to have Laura on this, [and] we will look forward to working with Laura again.”

“We are concerned about maintaining the safety of our staff and our audiences,” he continued.

Page Six said Osnes’ rep refused to comment, and Yazbeck’s rep did not respond to queries.


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