Covid-crazed Leader of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern announces that 25-person sex orgies can now resume “safely”

Image: Covid-crazed Leader of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern announces that 25-person sex orgies can now resume “safely”

(Natural News) Sex-craved Kiwis who belong to the religion of Covidism received some good news from New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who announced that up to 25 people – but no more than that – can now safely participate in an orgy without risking infection from the Fauci Virus (Covid-19).

In an announcement, Ardern explained that based on the country’s “traffic light system” criteria, New Zealanders who want to have sex with lots of people at one time can do so while still stopping the spread and flattening the curve.

“I can confirm that Tinder liaisons have reopened,” Ardern told Seven Sharp in an interview on December 3. “It’s not strictly embedded in the traffic light system, but, um, it is a given – up to 25, actually, in a ‘red’ area.”

New Zealanders should avoid participating in orgies with more than 25 people because that type of scenario would allow the Wuhan Disease to spread, likely causing some members of sex parties to test “positive” with fraudulent PCR tests.

Ardern clearly had a lot of difficulty making this announcement as she was seen laughing to herself like a child and avoiding eye contact with the interviewer (perhaps the subject hit a little too close to home for her?).

Is Jacinda Ardern a filthy pervert trying to justify her own sexual deviance?

This is the same Jacinda Ardern, by the way, who locked down all of New Zealand over one case of the Fauci Virus, and who threatened to put New Zealanders into concentration camps.

Suddenly it is okay by her for there to be large sex parties, but do not dare be seen without a mask at your Christmas party this year. This is demonism in action, folks.

Ardern says that her regime is working hard to fight back against the Moronic (Omicron) variant of the Chinese Flu, including by retaining strict border restrictions. If you are already in New Zealand, though, then feel free to have sex with 24 other people at the same time because that is completely safe.

It would seem as though Ardern wants to justify her own deviant behaviors, which would otherwise be off limits had her otherwise strict lockdown policies remained. Most of them still do remain, but sex parties are now okay because Fauci Germs will not spread so long as there are not more than two dozen people besides herself in attendance.

“She’s a swinger,” wrote one RT commenter, speculating as to Ardern’s secret fetishes that may have led her to lift this particular restriction while leaving all others in place.

“Evidently the AIDS epidemic is over in NZ too,” joked another. “Something in the water?”

Another commenter took the matter much more seriously by pointing out what a “disgusting, misplaced, and insulting gesture of largess” this is “to assume the people that voted her into power anticipating respect are being patronized instead.”

Yet another pointed out that the holidays are here, which is right around the time that politicians and “émigré billionaires” like to have “their holiday sex parties.” This very well could be the case with Ardern, by all appearances.

“Communist horseface Ardern is certifiably insane and should be locked away in a padded cell, not running a formerly decent country,” wrote another.

Still another pointed out that “laws,” if you can even call Fauci Virus edicts that, are clearly being twisted and applied unevenly to suit the preferences of power brokers such as Ardern, who seems to have no problem with oppressing others for her own personal gain.

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