COVID Mind Control


Remember the 1988 movie “They Live”? [1] Once you got hold of special Anti-Mind-Control sunglasses you could see what They really were and Their Mind-Control messages everywhere.  The top image is without the Anti-Mind-Control sunglasses.  But the bottom one shows what is behind the images that we are used to seeing.  Note COVID and 5G on the Top. Which Image has the Mind Control Message? Or is it BOTH?

Assert your Informed Consent Rights!

Get in line.
   Don’t get too close.
Wear a mask.
Don’t think about Hypercapnia

   No one should see you smile.
   No eye-contact.
You might get arrested if you play Frisbee in a park with your child.
And certainly, don’t visit a loved-one in hospital or hospice because dying frightened and alone is the new normal…
Trust the experts. The vaccine will save us. Then we can go back to normal. [2]

You get the message, don’t you?

Red COVID Scarves for Good Red Young Pioneers?

This isn’t the first time “They” played the pandemic card. [3]

You might be old enough to remember the 1950s Polio Scares used to stampede us all into clamoring for vaccines that the manufacturers knew (and the FDA knew, too) were contaminated with a cancer-causing virus?  We didn’t know that the cost of removing it would be about $0.05 per dose but even that was too much for the Merck. That virus, SV40,  was present in as much as two-thirds of both the oral Sabin and injected Salk Polio vaccine from 1955 to 1963 in the US, Australia, Canada, Germany and other countries.

Since then, the incidence of certain brain cancers (ependymoma) has increased 25%, osteosarcomas have increased 23%, and mesothelioma has increased by 90%. Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma has increased by 82% since 1973. Fragments of the SV40 virus have been found in these tumors. [5]

Vaccines Did Not Stop Pandemic Diseases
Better Nutrition, Sanitation and Hygiene Did

Then there’s Swine Flu – twice! In the First Swine Flu Panic  (1976) a fear porn campaign made it clear that without the vaccine, we were all going to die horrible deaths so vaccines were our only hope.  That should sound familiar by now.  The vaccines were rolled out and the results were unsurprising: that vaccine killed 400; the flu killed no one at all.

The second time around, during the 2009 Second Swine Flu Panic — just ten years ago rolled around and the Pandemic game was played again. FDA created and funded, without any authorization from the White House or Congress, Mother Theresa or the Easter Bunny, a mandatory vaccine program “Starting with those who want it.”

That vaccine was doctored to produce irreversible infertility and sterility based on patents held by the US government.  We told people what we had found, published the patents and gave people a button to email Congress, the White House, etc. And they used it!

Led by Natural Solutions Foundation millions messaged Congress with “I Do Not Consent” emails and the vaxx mandates suddenly evaporated… No vaccination led to no pandemic that time, either.

Remember, every time someone is vaccinated against a viral disease, they shed particles which can make other people sick for a long time, anywhere from 21 days [6] to 30 years! [7]

Wear a mask or go to jail – REDUX.  The same thing happened, with no science behind it then, either, during the 1919 Flu pandemic. People who did not want to wear masks were considered “UnAmerican” despite the fact that masks can increase the wearer’s disease burden and may do nothing at all to stop the spread of the disease. Tee shirts? Bandanas? What have these people been smoking? Which vat of Kool Aide are they sucking down?

Did you know there was an Anti-Mask League [4] headed by a doctor in San Francisco during the 1918/1919 Great Influenza Pandemic that killed 500,000 Americans and over a hundred million world-wide? He told people masks did not help — it was better to breathe clean air and sunbathe than cower in isolation and fear.

Are you ready for the promised Second Wave? [8] According to an analysis by Morgan Stanley, once the vaccines are introduced for health care workers, we can expect a severe second wave. What then? Will the economy get shut down again, leading to food shortages and millions dead?

Are you awake yet?

Or has the mind control worked?

What to do?

  1. Keep asking yourself if what you are being told makes sense. Ask for scientific validation for everything you are being told by main stream media and by health care workers who believe what they are told, or seem to, whether they do or not.
    Putting healthy people into quarantine so that they have compromised immune systems, absent or reduced sunlight, disordered food supplies, depressed/anxious mood and reduced social contact is a perfect recipe for lowering immune competence and guaranteeing more people will get sick.
  2. Keep your immune system at a peak level – it’s the only thing that will keep you healthy.

We recommend strongly making sure that you decrease the ability of any disease organisms to make you ill by supporting the normal structure and function of your immune system and that of your loved ones, including pets.

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  1. Make sure you are subscribed to Dr. Rima’s Health Freedom eNewsletter (sign up again if you have stopped getting our emails – the censorship is ferocious since we consistently tell the truths that They do not want anyone to know.
  2. Make sure you have an Advance Vaccine Directive card in your wallet and that each member of your family has one, too. Used properly, they allow your to assert your Informed Consent Right to refuse vaccination. Learn more and get your card at
  3. Check and often since this is a fast-changing situation.
  4. Share, share, share, share, share and then share some more. Suggest to your contacts that they sign up for the newsletter, too. There is a good deal of life-saving info there that we all need.
  5. It helps your immune system.

For a bit of very serious, but laugh-producing grammar:  spend a moment with Katie Hopkins