Dirty Durbin Deal Attacks Our Supplements



Sen. Durbin’s been attacking our supplements for decades!
He’s at it again! We need to stop him – again!


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 * The Dietary Supplement Act of 1994 allowed the supplement market in the USA to flourish.  Unlike drugs, supplements harm no one, but Durbin and his buddies want to restrict your access!

 * There is NO public health reason to “register” nutrients — FOODS — which are proven safe. Prescription drugs and vaccine are a major cause of death. Why isn’t Durbin attacking them? 

 * Dietary Supplements are already registered with the FDA for each claim they make, and dietary supplement manufacturers are registered as FOOD facilities.

 * In 1994 we won a stunning victory over Durbin and his ilk when we forced Congress to unanimously legislate that supplements are food. Durbin was not on our side in that battle. And now he’s at it again:  claiming that there is something bad about the fact that we have a thriving supplement industry, he illogically wants to impose additional irrational and expensive limitations on our nutrients.

 * The result will be, if Durbin gets what he wants, the result will be to drive more small companies out of business.

 * It’s just another ploy to control your health and your freedom. It is interesting to note that, just as another lab-made plague makes its appearance, supplements, which are primary immune system supporters.  Coincident? 

 * It isn’t supplements that ‘need’ more controls.  It is out-of-control legislators like Sen. Durbin and Braun.

 * Take the Action Item here: https://inhere.salsalabs.org/DurbinDSBill NOW! Push Durbin back from our supplements and share this link everywhere.

On April 26, 2022 Senators Durbin and Braun issued a Media Release [1] proposing further legislative restrictions on the availability of dietary supplements.

The bill has the innocuous sounding title of The Dietary Supplement Listing Act of 2022. Since Sen. Durbin is the current Majority Whip the bill stands a good chance of passing before the upcoming congressional election.

In the Release Sen. Durbin admitted, “Seventy percent of people in America take a dietary supplement including me.”

The proposal is to have all dietary supplements ‘registered’ with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) because, the Senators imply, since Congress unanimously passed the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA) the number of dietary supplement products available to the public has increased from about 4,000 to an estimated 80,000.

Read more here:  http://www.opensourcetruth.com/stop-durbin-braun-vitamin-registration-bill/

8 thoughts on “Dirty Durbin Deal Attacks Our Supplements

  1. My wife, a registered Cherokee Indian, has Leukemia and is alive because of natural supplements. MANY, MANY AMERICANS RELY ON THESE NATURAL ELEMENTS FOR THEIR VERY SURVIVAL.

  2. These tin gods are ridiculous, they know nothing about health, healthy eating & the benefit of supplements.
    Don’t forget, they want us eating synthetic meat, they are all bonkers, good luck to them when their health fails them.
    Thank you for all you do Dr Rima.

  3. I’ve had supplements prescribed for me by physicians. I am better because of them. There is no reason to remove them from the market. The politicians have become our enemies and remember that they work for the people. Do NOT remove supplements that keep people well. We have a right to purchase these supplements and do not want politicians wielding their power because they are being paid by the pharmacy industry to support their campaign re-elections.

  4. Shame on you – Durbin !!
    God Bless our still President of the United States Donald J Trump to come back to us ASAP to MAGA !! 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩

  5. Don’t You Dare, Dick Durbin! Shame on you!!! Nutrients are already highly regulated. Further restrictions just when food shortages are expected appear to be part of a Deep State agenda to tyrannize us all. Thank you for helping us , Ms. Rima!!!

  6. I was going to sign & submit your petition regarding this matter, but you don’t allow any way of editing the wording in the petition. Most petitions I sign allow personal wording so the recipients don’t get blasted with redundant petitions and then ignore all of them. So, as a result, I am not signing your petition. Please reconsider how you’re presenting this to our government!

  7. We all have the right to put in our bodies what we choose. STOP NOW trying to control our bodies.

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