2 thoughts on “Dr. Andrew Kaufman – the Delta Variant Hoax Exposed

  1. Great summary! Thank you Dr. Kaufman! One could actually even without going into sequencing explain why the variants are a joke. That gene sequencing intro is extremely important, also for the explanation of non validity of all PCR tests..

  2. Forgot to add that after running countless homology/similarities alignments between the official NIH stored SARS-CoV-2 sequence in particular for the SPike protein, whose genome is officially in all the gene treatment injections, I’m getting incredible list of all sorts of pieces of toxic, pathogenic viral, bacterial, human proteins. Assuming that all is indeed inside of the injections, that means bad news, or at least one should ask, why? And we see it in the VAERS data base of all the injured and dead ones AFTER these injections.

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