Genocide: People Are Waking Up To The Truth

By Sarah Westall | | Creative Commons


Many of us have been sounding the alarm about the dangers of the globalist reset, the mRNA jab and the fact that the world governments have been lying to you for a long while now. I have published numerous reports on this website. Here are just a few:

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Israel: Vaccinated Represent 95% Severe Cases; UK: 6.6 Times Death Rate Among Vaccinated

Documentary: Globalist World Wide Takeover Planned for Decades – COVID is Just the Beginning

These are just a small fraction of the reports I have been posting over the years to help people understand what is happening and why. Of course none of this would be possible without the blackmail control structure they have put in place. I have been covering this too along with human trafficking and how it is being used to control the powerful for years.I also did an important mini documentary exposing Mind War; what it is and how the military and intelligence agencies plan to use it as a replacement for traditional wars. This is precisely what we are experiencing now and why things are so backwards.

Courageous journalists have been doing important work actually reporting the truth and we have learned so much from whistleblowers, citizens and experts. Here is a recent report from Mike Adams at Natural News that summarizes what he has learned about the globalist depopulation plan:

It’s all now incredibly clear. Everything we’ve been watching over the last 20 months has been a globalist-led effort to convince billions of people to exterminate themselves without them knowing it.

See, waging an open kinetic war on humanity would meet instant resistance. People tend to fight back when they’re being attacked and slaughtered with bullets and bombs. So globalists had to figure out a way to carry out mass slaughter on a planetary scale without alerting the masses to what they were doing.

It’s a very difficult challenge, but they figured out how to achieve it in a few simple steps:

    1. First, build a toxic nanoparticle weapon system (the spike protein) and mass produce it in labs run by the Chinese and US military.
    2. Fake an outbreak in China along with “leaked” scary videos of Chinese people falling over dead in mere seconds after breathing in the “virus.” Cue media frenzy.
    3. Drop the toxic nanoparticles on NYC (and Northern Italy) to simulate a “viral outbreak,” while diagnosing people with “covid” via PCR tests that merely detect the presence of the toxic nanoparticles.
    4. Unleash mass media propaganda, claiming everybody will die unless they take vaccines.
    5. Fill the vaccines with the exact same toxic nanoparticles you dropped on New York City in the first place.

    6. Unleash mass injections of the population with the spike protein bioweapons, fraudulently labeled “vaccines.”
    7. As people get injected with the bioweapons, they start shedding the toxic nanoparticles, making others sick around them. Frame this as a “worsening pandemic” to spread more fear and drive more people into the spike protein injections
    8. Censor anyone talking about vaccine injuries or deaths. Pay off hospital administrators to wildly exaggerate covid numbers to keep the scamdemic going.

In a nutshell, that’s how they did it. Notice there is no virus required to pull it off. All they needed was a spike protein nanoparticle weapon system combined with media collusion and Big Tech censorship.

While many still grapple with what is actually going on, others have moved on to aggressively fighting the agenda. I recently appeared on Dr. Dave Janda’s Operation Freedom show where we discussed the urgent need to move on to the next stage and aggressively, yet peacefully fight this agenda.

But the good news is there are people world wide fighting back in meaningful ways. Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is leading a class action lawsuit with 1000 lawyers and 10,000 medical experts against the CDC, WHO and the DAVOs group and have put together incredible evidence. Recently Fuellmich and the organization Doctors for COVID ethics posted an open letter on September 13th, 2021 to the EMA and the Members of the European Parliament Regarding COVID-19 Vaccination:

This Notice of Liability has been SERVED to you personally.

In March 2021, we alerted you and the world to the fact that the approval of the so-called gene-based COVID-19 vaccines was premature and reckless, and that their administration constituted human experimentation in violation of the Nuremberg Code. Our concerns regarding the potential dangers of experimental agents were founded on common textbook knowledge of immunobiology and medicine. Simple reasoning led to the foresight that administration of the agents would incur multifaceted pathological events leading, among others, to life-threatening thromboembolic events. You were called upon to suspend the vaccination program until these concerns had been tended to in a satisfactory manner.

This request was scorned and the vaccination program has been rolled out on a global scale, with catastrophic consequences that we trust are known to you. Our original fears have been confirmed and further pathways leading to injury and death by the experimental agents have been uncovered through new scientific discoveries in 2021. The rush to vaccinate first and research later has left you in a position whereby COVID-19 vaccination policy is now entirely divorced from the relevant evidence- base.

The current state-of-the-tragedy is summarized in the appended document.

As you consider your next steps in mandating a vaccine that is contra-indicated by science, we draw your attention to recently published Freedom of Information requests, which reveal gross negligence in the COVID vaccine authorisation process, including misleading the Commission on Human Medicines as to whether any independent verification of vaccine trial data had occurred.

You are hereby placed on notice that you stand to be held personally and individually responsible for causing foreseeable and preventable harm and death from COVID-19 vaccines, and for supporting crimes against humanity, defined as acts that are purposely committed as part of a widespread or systematic policy, directed against civilians, committed in furtherance of state policy.Hapless and defenceless children are now becoming victims of the blasphemic and negligently regulated vaccination agenda. We charge you for actively or tacitly paving the way to the second holocaust of mankind. The same charge has been independently submitted by survivors of the first holocaust and their families.

The gravity of your deeds is now laid out before the world. For the sake of yourselves and your families, rise and respond. Or go down in history books in indelible shame and disgrace.


Doctors for Covid Ethics

Cc: Rechtsanwaltskanzlei Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

Along with the notice of liability, they also posted a letter from the Concentration Camp survivors and family members and pages of evidence. You can see the full letter below:

Notice of Liability to EMA and MEPs Sept13 2021 by Sarah Westall on Scribd



One thought on “Genocide: People Are Waking Up To The Truth

  1. We really need to come together more.
    They have planned this for a while.
    I fear that they are holding nearly all the cards.
    To wake up, for most people seems an impossible task.
    Some of us are evolving.
    In times like this
    The one’s that are “awake” need all support they can get.

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