Informed Consent FAQs: Your Legal Rights

Frequently Asked Questions
Everything You Wanted to Know
About Informed Consent

But Did Not Know Whom to Ask

‘Wear the mask. Bend your head. Keep your eyes down. Wait for the Vaccine. Trust us. We are the Government(s) and we are here to help. You must submit to the vaccine when we say that you must because, well, we said so.’

‘No new normal until you have accepted a gene-editing experimental and “unavoidably unsafe” vaccine that should work, sort of, or not. But don’t ask too many questions or your Social Media Score might go down, resulting in being banned from human interaction.’


At Natural Solutions Foundation we get emails, calls and messages every day asking questions about the Universal Right of Informed Consent and its proper legal assertion. We want to share with you these communications. Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) web page is a compendium of information on that Right: what it is, where it comes from and how to use it to protect yourself, your freedom and the rights of those you love.

The FAQ page will be updated as needed, so come back to it often!

Here is the link to this FAQs page. Please save it and share it.

I strongly suggest that you print the FAQ document out and keep it handy so that you can refer to the vitally important information here.

And I urge you to take care of yourself and others by spreading the word.

You see, just as we have been told that social distancing and isolation protects others (like our beloved elderly relatives that we are forbidden to see, touch and kiss), so also correctly asserting your Universal Right of Informed Consent protects yourself and others.

If you fail to assert your right, that Right will be ignored (“deemed waived” in legal-speak).

If one person in the entire world asserts that Right, s/he will be overruled and overridden.

But if millions assert that Right around the globe, talk about it, share it and make it known everywhere (the way word of the dangers of the 2009 Swine Flu vaccine went wild-fire and stopped the pandemic by stopping the willingness of people around the world to let the vaccine into their bodies), then that Right is enhanced and strengthened with each voice that says,

“No! I do not consent to vaccines for myself and my loved ones!”

We must roar our rights from all over the planet and preserve ourselves, our children and our very genome from these horrific abominations.

How to do that? Learn about the Advanced Vaccine Directive Card in the FAQs.

FAQ Index:
1. Source of Right to Informed Consent
2. Citizenship to Assert Right?
3. Conditioning Benefits on Surrendering Right?
4. What do I have to do to Protect Right?
5. How do I Assert the Right?
6. What is an Advance Directive?
7. Will Medical Personnel Ignore My Right?
8. Telling Employers and Schools in Advance
9. Can my Reasons for My Right be Questioned?
10. Can I Sue if Forced to Vaccinate?
11. What About Outside the USA?
12. Cost of AVD Card
13. Does Each Person Need Own Card?
14. Can I Reproduce the Card?
15. Can I Just State My Right?
16. Can Governments Mandate Vaccines?

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