It’s Dr. Rima. How Can I Help?


It’s Dr. Rima. How Can I Help?

Nutrients and Supplements are powerful health supporter molecules. But you have to know how to use them to get the best effect.

“Dr. Google” has a lot to say about a lot, but a lot of it is not worth a lot.

I have been practicing nutritional medicine without drugs for my entire career (52 years, to be exact) and have learned some tips, tricks and faults and facts that I would love to share with you.

Some people set up private consultations with me for second opinions, guidance for specific problems, etc.

But there is another way. Tell me what is important to you, and I will create a protocol based on my decades of experience and share it with you, no charge, no strings attached.

You can then take it and either supply yourself with professional quality nutrients from my personal dispensary at or from another supplier. The choice is yours, but the protocol may offer you some significant advantages.

I need to know what you want me to focus on, though.

So, I have created this survey to gage what your priorities are. I will personally create protocols to share with you through the no-cost FullScript membership site starting with the most often requested issues and working my way down the list.

Here’s the Health Issues Survey (available until May 31st):

QR Code for the Survey:

Please feel free to share it with the people you care about: they have issues, too, and i see no reason not to help as many people as possible.

That’s what Health Freedom and Informed Consent are about: deciding what you want to do with your bod once you have the best information possible.

Thanks for guiding my efforts here so I can help folks get and stay healthy.

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

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