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Date: Tuesday, 6-Apr-2021 13:24:17

In Response To: Italy: Two More Teachers DEAD After AstraZeneca COVID Shot (RumorMail)


Puts a different spin on the CDC’s Zombie Preparedness web page, doesn’t it? That strange CDC post was a cryptic clue of what to expect in the near future.

Jim Stone, Freelance Journalist

PRECURSOR: Just so people know right off the bat what this is about, the MRNA corona vaccines don’t fight coronavirus, they instead command your body to start producing the prion that causes mad cow disease.

I spent a while pondering the new revelations about the corona vax and figured out a key item that cinches the topic

First of all, for those who did not see it, over easter weekend Alex did an emergency broadcast about the corona vax being specifically formulated to cause your body to produce the prion that causes mad cow disease. If you scroll down a little bit, it is there and it is all documented. Here is the revelation I finally had –

The ONLY reason why the Corona vax is an MRNA vax (and the first one to boot) that programs your body rather than triggers an immune response – the ONLY reason for this is because if they injected the prions they probably could not put enough of them in a reasonable shot to do the trick, and because a conventional vax cannot be made to force your body to start producing it’s destruction. A conventional shot can be very destructive, but to make it bad enough it would have to be too devastating too often early on. They wanted a shot that would cause delayed devastation and death and there was no way to formulate a conventional vaccine to do that without killing too many people up front

However, if they instead made a vax that, for the first time in history caused your own body to make something, (under the ruse of being protective) – if they caused your body to do that it would not do it immediately, time would have to pass before it finally got programmed well enough to produce the destructive agents – agents that were not even in the original DNA vax to begin with – your body made them – so there’s another layer of deniability –

This is precisely why the Corona vax is an MRNA vax, lots of people wondered why with this new disease we were given a totally new tech when the old tech ought to work, and now we know.

So they openly stated it’s a vax that causes your body to produce a spike protein, and if analyzed I guess there are ways to prove the different variants of that vax would indeed produce a spike protein, and the false advertised (advertisement) that it was a spike protein that would give immunity to the coronavirus – quality checks could prove the spike protein would be consistent across different vaccine brands, but it would not be so easy to realize that it was the prion that causes mad cow.

Alex got a hold of the elite documents that lay it all out. The corona vax does not fight a virus, it instead programs your body to produce prions so on a delayed timetable people start going zombie or start having seizures or whatever (depending on what part of the brain the prions build up in first) – and we end up with, a year down the road, a modified version of the walking dead where the zombies don’t necessarily bite you (but plenty of scary stuff is visible) and they also don’t live very long.

The Resistance 1776
Apr 4, 2021

The Alex Jones Show (Full Show) – Commercial Free – 4-3-21

Also learn the inside baseball about Trump’s impeachment trial from Alex Jones.
Panicked Dems know they have no case but still move forward to demonize Trump and his base.

Alex Jones breaks down French President Macron’s admission that the COVID vaccines don’t work, all but obliterating the hoax. We also discuss the Democrats’ fear that President Trump may not be convicted in their second sham impeachment crusade, which would leave him open for another presidential run in 2024.

Source:  https://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi/read=169548

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