Lost Arts Radio Show #192 – Special Guest Dr. Bill Warner

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Dr. Bill Warner on Censorship and Free Speech: Islam’s Role and Significance

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 8/26/18

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Dr. Bill Warner

Anyone able to observe clearly what is happening in America and many other countries, can see that censorship of speech and other forms of communication are increasing worldwide. China is implementing their “social credit score,” intending to make it near impossible for those with dissenting opinions to live (a model that is intended to be brought to the US, Europe, UK, and the rest of the world). In the “western countries,” many parts of free speech are now banned and criminally punished as “hate speech.” Many people have actually supported this development, only to find that anything the government/global corporate establishment doesn’t approve of can quickly be labelled hate speech and banned. There is a reason that the universal right to free speech is recognized and protected by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which is now being systematically violated by the giant social media companies, with apparent government support.

This quickly accelerating trend is occurring simultaneously with the assault on national borders in a clear attempt to cause chaos and fear, leading to the public actually requesting its own enslavement in order to be saved from the inflowing wave of terrorists and other illegal invaders that corrupt mainstream media calls “immigrants.” Among the invaders is a very large segment made up of devout followers of Islam. These are not “radical Islamic terrorists,” but simply orthodox followers of Allah’s will and the perfect example of Mohammed’s life, as they are written in the three primary scriptures of Islam.

How does Islam as it is written in the scriptures tie in to the whole free speech and censorship issue? For that discussion, we invited Islamic doctrine expert Dr. Bill Warner (www.politicalislam.com) back to Lost Arts Radio, for what should be an amazing and enlightening discussion. I like talking to Dr. Warner. He has no criticism for Muslims at all, realizing that there are countless great people who belong to the Muslim religion. Many of them, like members of other religions, have never carefully read and understood their own scriptures. They are not the topic of Dr. Warner’s study.

Dr. Warner’s interest is in looking directly at what Mohammed himself said about Allah’s will, and how every human being should live. This includes in great detail what should be done to those who refuse to convert to Islam (“Kafirs”). Understanding the teachings that are supposed to be followed by about 1.8 billion people on the planet gives insight into many of the current events now unfolding around us, including our disappearing free speech. Muslims and non-Muslims alike are offered incredibly valuable insights into how our actions are helping to decide the future of life on our planet.

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