Lost Arts Radio Show #62 – The Donald Trump Phenomenon

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The Donald Trump Phenomenon: Is He Racist, A Nazi, Or ?

Lost Arts Radio Show on Saturday 3/19/16

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Donald J. TrumpSomething amazing and very unusual is happening in the American presidential race right now. The bosses of both political parties, along with all of the major media, the current US president, foreign leaders, George Soros, the Koch Brothers, even the Pope, are doing everything they can to prevent the election of one particular candidate, Donald J. Trump (www.donaldjtrump.com). Why are so many who are normally fighting each other, at least on the surface, willing to unite in this common cause to destroy one presidential candidate, without seeming at all upset about any of the others? This week, on Lost Arts Radio, we look at the phenomenon of the Donald J. Trump candidacy, to see if the media claims of racism, hate rhetoric, even being a Nazi, have a basis in the actual behavior and statements of Mr. Trump. The amazing wave of Trump support sweeping the country in spite of the massive media resistance may be symbolic that much of the population is finally waking up to the criminal nature of the current power structure.  But is Donald Trump taking advantage of this sentiment in preparation for betraying the people who believe in him and damaging America, or will he do his best to actually serve and help all Americans as he claims he will? In this show, we look at what he really has said, and what his actions up to now suggest that he is likely to do.

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