Science is Great – If It Does Not Kill You! Nano Tech Paving the Way for Macro Death Via Vaccines?

Nano Tech Being Readied to Vaccinate Us Against Our Will,
Without Our Knowledge? Apparently!

When doctors and scientists are scared of new science, maybe we should be, too.  Steven Hawking says that artificial intelligence will destroy humanity.  And Rima E. Laibow, MD, known to millions as Dr. Rima, has just published a blog on what she calls the most frightening scientific article she has ever read.

Novel nano technology, well beyond Bucky Balls and graphine, is being turned into self-assembling bots that use your body as a staging ground to target cells and systems without your permission or knowledge.  And, as Dr. Rima points out, they are also being used to alter your genetic makeup.  Such alteration is permanent, irreversible and changes the very essence of your biology, psychology, reproduction and health status.

These self assembling bots can be turned on or off by radio frequencies, among other methods.  That means your smart phone, the nearby cell tower, your computer, your digital TV or any signaling device can be triggered to send those frequencies out without your knowing a thing about it.

She also points out that every one of these novel technologies is being justified because of its use in vaccine delivery.

How many vaccines do we need? How many vaccines do the controllers intend for us to have?

But all of these techniques will be deployed under color of law when vaccine mandates have been enacted making two things very, very clear:

  1. Each and every person with any reservations about vaccines and their impact should make sure he/she has an Advance Vaccine Directive card for each member of the family.
  2. Each and every person with any understanding of just how dire this threat of mandatory vaccines is needs to go to to help make the battle against mandatory vaccination a winable one.
  3. While there, you can select your level of Thank You gift and make sure that you have your Advance Vaccine Directive Cards AND are supporting the Natural Solutions Foundation as it supports your health and your freedom.



Read Dr. Rima’s powerful blog here: