Two Masks Better Than One?


Two COVID Headlines:

Fauci says wearing two face masks is “common sense” while becoming the highest paid Federal employee. [1]

The new Head of Regime announces that COVID will not be controlled for months. [2]

 “…there’s nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the pandemic in the next several months…”

We seem to be living in a world where the craziest fantasies of satire sites such as The Babylon Bee — — have become what passes for our reality.  Yes, Dr. F is now paid more than the reported US president. [3]

Yes, Old Joe, despite campaign promises that he would “control” the “pandemic” during his “First Hundred Days,”  now says he can do nothing to change the trajectory of the “pandemic.”

He also promised to generate 1,000,000 [one million] Vaxx Jabs per day for 100 days, or 100,000,000 [one hundred million] over that time period. Happily the Federal “Public Health Authorities” are failing to meet this goal.

The good doctors [those independent physicians who speak their understanding of the truth against public health propaganda] tell a different story.

They tell us that Community Immunity, developed through subclinical exposure, is the only way our species can learn to live with novel viruses.  And, in historical fact, that is the way our species has survived many pandemic diseases. To the good doctors any possible artificial immune system response generated by the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) vaccines does not improve Community Immunity while the counterproductive lock-downs slow its development.

Based on continuing reports of serious adverse reactions to the EUA vaccines, including hundreds of deaths, [4] the good doctors do not urge people to rush to receive the vaccines.  EUA vaccines cannot be “mandated” since a condition of the EUA is that each recipient be told that the person has the “option” to refuse the vaccine — the EUA explicitly recognizes the Right of Informed Consent. [5]

What would One Million Vaxx Jabs per day look like?  If, as has been documented, one in one thousand COVID vaxx jabs results in death, and up to 3% in adverse reactions not killing in a short time period, what would the health system have to confront?

These are the expected statistics:  1,000 people dying every day in the USA from complications of the COVID vaccines, while another 30,000 adverse reactions would be serious enough to require ER or urgent care services. Where will the “Public Health Authorities” hide the bodies?

In the meantime, what every happened to the “seasonal flu”  — it disappeared.  Such a miracle of modern medicine.  Finally the Flu Vaccine, after a half century, worked!  Except hardly anyone got the flu vaxx… Except, maybe there never was a “seasonal flu” that wasn’t triggered by the flu vaxx.

Maybe everything the “Public Health Authorities” tell you is false.

Assert your right to refuse to the vaccine part of the lie.







One thought on “Two Masks Better Than One?

  1. “Doctor” Fauci has two brains…one’s lost and the other is looking for it.
    He should tell people to wear masks made out of duct tape, it’s 100 percent effective, since you asphyxiate you won’t live to get sick.

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