Urgent Messages from Murata-San

As has been our practice, we are providing here to the public the recent urgent messages from “The Conscience of Fukushima” — M. Murata, former Japanese Ambassador to Switzerland, and one of the most prominent of the Japanese to be calling for “honorable retreat” from the 2020 Olympics, currently scheduled to be held in Japan near the Fukushima disaster zone. Murata-san has these messages for us: [1] Message to International Olympic Committee [20 July 2017] [2] Fukushima Radiation Water Dumping into the Pacific Ocean [16 July 2017] [3] Retreating from the Tokyo Olympic Games [17 June 2017] ———- Subject: Message to International Olympic Committee President Bach Date: 08:56 AM EDT, 07/20/17 From: “mitsu” Dear Friends, I am sending you my message addressed to President Thomas Bach of the IOC.… Read the rest
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[…] say criminal. Best wishes to you and yours. “    ”Your recent messages are posted here: http://www.opensourcetruth.com/urgent-messages-from-murata-san/  ”   […]