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The US Accountability Project

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“Liberty is to the collective body what health is to every individual body. Without health no pleasure can be tasted by man; without liberty, no happiness can be enjoyed by society.” – Thomas Jefferson

The two most dangerous and intrusive US government institutions are IRS and FDA. Acting outside of the law, burdening US residents and citizens with financial and legal penalties while acting under the color of, but not the legitimacy of the law, these two agencies damage the health and liberty of everyone in the United States.

The US Accountability Project is committed to exposing this lawlessness and, using all available lawful means, bringing these dangerous rogue agencies to heel so that they can carry out legitimate, but not illegal, functions.

Highlighted by the draconian limitations FDA has placed on health options, information and practice during the induced fear and concern about the COVID-19 “Pandemic” dangers, this agency stands guilty of lying to the world in general and to those living in the US in particular about safe measures for treatment and prophylaxis and unsafe, “Emergency Use Authorization” so-called “vaccines”.

At the same time, in an economic reality created to diminish the financial well-being and strength of the nation, the IRS continues to demand payments which it has no authority to collect using its sheer bulk to terrorize and extort the people of the United States.

The issue is larger than either the depredations of the FDA or the IRS.  It is Terror, Coercion and Exploitation by the US government. The Mission of the US Accountability Project is to end this governmental behavior and replace it with lawful service to the people of the Nation.

Freedom, health freedom and financial freedom, have become the twin leading edges of a movement to bring the US government and its agencies back into lawful compliance with their responsibilities, now abrogated in favor of corporate and political interests, to protect and support the lawful and legitimate rights of the people of the United States.

Focused legal attention is needed to resist agency overreaching and restore essential rights and freedoms.  A well-funded legal team is needed to hold the agencies to their strictly limited authorizations, demanding they carefully adhere to all of the restrictions written into statutes. cases and regulations.

Despite their lawless actions, the Administrative Procedures Act and other laws do not grant carte blanche to the agencies. Rather, they mandate required obligations and when the agencies fail to meet those requirements their legal ability to impose on us is restricted by case law.

Without a legal team to test the limits of bureaucracy there will be no limits.

Our Program:

  1. Assemble and task a research team to provide clear documentation on allowable agency actions and violations of those allowable actions in order to
  2. Bring the agencies acting outside of the law into legal conformity by
    1. Legal support of carefully chosen test cases where IRS and FDA are acting illegally and oppressing and restricting rights and freedoms
    2. Extensive and intensive public education and dissemination of rights through
      1. Publications
      2. Interviews
  • Social Media Presence
  1. Videos, podcasts, etc.
  2. Lay and professional education programs

Initiation: 2021:

             Set Goals and Objectives
Establish research teams

             Select and initiate legal defense of appropriate test cases (FDA and IRS).

Development: 2021-2025

             Expand research activities
Produce lay and professional course work and other informational materials
Continue litigation support
Disseminate information with active public awareness campaign

             Initiate public advocacy steps for agency reform


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Initiated by:

Rima E. Laibow, MD – Natural Solutions Foundation, Founded 2004
Ralph Fucetola, JD – Institute for Health Research, Founded 1998

Dated: 31 March 2021