VIDEO: Boston cops in riot gear quash violence after Antifa targets vaccine mandate protest

Antifa targeted a vaccine mandate protest in Boston Common on Sunday. The situation turned violent as members of the far-left militant group clashed with protesters against vaccine and mask mandates.

The “Super Happy Fun America” organization — a Massachusetts-based political organization “focusing on defending the American Constitution, opposing gender madness, and defeating cultural Marxism” — held an anti-vaccine mandate rally at 12 p.m. on Sunday. The objective of the event was to “resist vaccine passports, face diapers, mass layoffs, and unconstitutional mandates.”

Several Antifa-linked organizations, including “Green Monster Antifa” and “Solidarity Against Hate – Boston,” organized a counter-protest. The Antifa groups vowed to make sure the Super Happy Fun “know where Boston stands” and to get them the “hell out of town.”

To demonstrate against the protest against government-mandated vaccines made and profited by big pharma, the Antifa mob held communist flags with the faces of Chairman Mao, Joseph Stalin, Vladimir Lenin, and Karl Marx. There was also a “Death to fascists” sign.


The counter-protest included a brass band to drown out the speakers railing against vaccine and mask mandates by the government.

Within an hour of the protest starting, the situation escalated into violence. WBTS-TV reporter Monica Madeja shared video of the violent clashes.


Boston police officers dressed in riot gear moved in to the area to quash the conflict.

By 2 p.m., the area was cleared out.

Boston Police officer Stephen McNulty told Fox News, “Two arrested after opposing sides clashed at today’s scheduled event and planned counter-protest on the Boston Common. BPD assets included officers in protective equipment.”


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