What We Know and Don’t About the COVID Jab

Below you will find an intelligent, logical, well -reasoned suggestion for a detox protocol to assist people who have been either inoculated with the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) COVID-19 so-called “vaccines” or are being transfected through the spreading of the contamination by jabbed people. Remember there are no fully approved COVID inoculations available to the public.

I did not formulate this protocol, but I was impressed with its usefulness and want to share it.  Before I do, however, I must alert you to some vitally important limitations on this or any other speculative regimen for dealing with the COVID jabs themselves or the intentional transfection (contagion) that they are designed to spread among the unjabbed.

This transfection or contagion looks very much like an intentional part of the entire COVID inoculation program and totally vitiates the essential principle of Informed Consent.

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9 thoughts on “What We Know and Don’t About the COVID Jab

    1. The link for the PDF is above, just below the dark frame with Dr Rima’s picture, disguised as underlined “Detox.Protocol.10 21 22” .

  1. What comes up when we click on detox protocol 10 21 22 is the Man of God Declaration. There is no protocol there.

  2. A new product, GHS+, that was just released less then a year ago is showing great promise helping your immune system heal the body of many things – including covid-19. It supports against oxidative stress. It is made up of 5 core sciences 1. N-Acetyll-L-Cystene, for intracellular Glutathione production support 2. Bioavailable L-glutathione. 3. Bioavailabel S-Acetyl-gluatthione (SAG) 4. Aloe Vera Mannose Acemannan 5. Superoxide Dismutase (SOD). It has been called hope in a bottle and users have been claiming all kinds of great outcomes after taking just for a few days and it just gets better the longer it is used. We know Glutathione is needed for good health. See info at http://provizion.com/dgc or send any questions to Deb@provizionbuilder.com .

  3. Thank you very much for sharing this valuable information & protocol, Dr. Rima! I’m sharing this with family & open-minded friends.

    Question: Is the Clean Slate product (liquid zeolite) safe for use by persons with mercury-amalgam fillings? If not, what can be done instead? Is the powder/capsule form of zeolite of any benefit, in this case?

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