Why So Much on Freedom Convoys?

I was asked why I’m reporting so much about the Freedom Convoy (apart from the fact that I’m a Canadian).

That’s a good question and I’m happy to answer it.

In my view, we haven’t yet had, so far, a popular movement – not the yellow vests, not the Occupy movement, not any that I can think of – that has had the ability to stop government in its tracks while uniting all the people as the freedom convoys have.

We’re reporting a nation throwing off its chains.  We’re tracking a movement that has stopped government in its tracks from murdering its population and digitizing the survivors.

I see this as the world rising up against an equally dictatorial regime as the Allies faced in Normandy. This is actually the last battle of World War II (1), only this battle is worldwide. The Illuminati have their fingers in every country worth robbing.

Just as the Allies did on D-Day, at last we’ve struck a combined, coordinated, and concentrated blow at abuse and control.

It won’t be over in a day and we need to maintain our commitment and see it through to the end, which means work for us.

I hasten to remind us that we have unseen allies as well as the Alliance. Those that are with us are stronger than those who oppose us.

We need to build momentum to rouse people from their lethargy. We’re waking up a whole world and the creation of such an effective, unifying action everywhere possible is just what it may take.

I know what it takes to rouse me from personal lethargy to mild interest to willingness to act. We are doing that with the global population. It will take some hoopla and celebration and beating the drum.

I know you appreciate that.

Of course it’s a happy event for me as a Canadian. But I hope that their freedom convoy is just as happy an event for Australia or the Netherlands, Italy or Brazil.  This is something that all countries can do and share in.

I don’t imagine Canada is the first to see a truckers’ protest. I believe I’ve heard of European countries doing it.  For whatever reason it’s capturing the popular imagination now. I hear of convoys in all types of cities and in a wide range of countries. That’s exactly what we need to shut the new World Order down.

To wax Churchillian, in our combined might and majesty, we will show the deep state that, uhhh, though we’re slow to rouse, once aroused, we have the power to stop their baneful plans and build a new and better world.

This is not just interesting news. It isn’t just important news. Uhhh, this can be, if we make it so, the beginning of the wholesale transformation of Planet Earth from endless prison planet to a world that works for everyone. (2)


(1) Operation Paperclip saw that the peril to the world continued and that WWII was not over yet.

(2) A Fifth-Dimensional world, I assure you, will be a world that works for everyone. The love that exists in that setting guarantees it.

Source:  goldenageofgaia.com/2022/01/31/why-so-much-on-freedom-convoys/

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