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Here’s valuable info from colleague, JG. She is creator of the pilot study of vaccinated versus unvaccinated at

Her attorney, Greg Glaser, also works with

[For more Open Source Truth articles on Counsel Glaser’s case, please see:]

It’s a good idea to understand what she’s saying in this email in advance of any problems one may encounter from an employer, which she emphasizes in her last paragraphs.

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This is evidence of an “unsafe working environment” SEE article which has links to he original datasheets and EVIDENCE to include in complaints against the employers:

Efforts to coerce people into serving as lab rats in medical experiments is harassment and it’s an UNSAFE working environment.

We all know the new Pfizer jab that was “FDA approved” isn’t even available. The ONLY jabs available are the EUA ones. And I don’t even understand how the new one could’ve BEEN “approved” for anything OTHER THAN Emergency Use because it’s brand new, it has ZERO large-scale trials, which are a requirement BEFORE regular approval. It’s a slight of hand, a trick, to give people the false impression “covid jabs” (in general) are all “FDA approved”.

The VAERS numbers also prove they’re “unsafe”. Couple those numbers with this Harvard study of the VEARS, (showing less than 1% of the injuries and deaths are ever reported) and it’s even more clear. SEE:

These data sheets MUST be included in the complaints. They are EVIDENCE that will later support “retaliation firing” as well as “unsafe working environment” claims. They make a pima facie case that will lead to AWARDS for damages against the employers. But it MUST start with a prima facie case of RETALIATORY FIRING, and this is done with filing complaints BEFORE being fired. Savvy?

People who have received notices they must take these new jabs MUST file complaints ASAP with OSHA, and their own state’s labor boards, as well as with any version of OSHA that exists in their own state (Occupational Safety).

These complaint filings are HOW these employees can get their employers into “checkmate” because the firing is PRESUMED to be a “retaliatory” firing if it happens AFTER a complaint is filed.

Also, if the complaint contains credible allegations that medical employers have demanded the workers commit any type of fraud, (i.e., lying about vaccination status when people come in SICK/DYING and saying they were recently vaccinated but listing them as “unvaccinated”, and/or claiming death from vaccine side-effects (heart inflammation, blood clots) was a ‘covid death’ in an “unvaccinated” person, then these people are whistleblowers with even more protection, and even higher damages awards later. I have been talking to a great many nurses who are telling me this IS what has been happening everywhere this summer. They MUST start filing COMPLAINTS for what has transpired.

I’ve heard people complaining AFTER they’re fired that they couldn’t “find a lawyer” who would take their case. But NONE of these people bothered to file a complaint BEFORE they were fired. If the complaint IS filed BEFORE they’re fired, it is an instant checkmate against the employer, (who will have to go on PAYING them, even if they do fire them) and THIS is what makes the lawyers jump on THOSE cases without the employee having to pay any advanced fees or costs, and never have to pay anything out of their own pocket. The lawyers collect when the damages awards are paid at the end.

“Retaliation” firings (that can be PROVEN with the complaint having been filed just before the firing) are the ones lawyers JUMP on because it makes their job in court so EASY, and they know there will be an award for the ‘retaliation firing’ that they can PROVE to later get a hefty damages award at the end.

Please spread the word to anyone/everyone you know who is in this situation. The MUST file these complaints BEFORE they’re fired. If they do get fired, (for refusing the jabs) their employers will be forced to go on PAYING them, and it makes it EASY to get a lawyer to take the case without fronting any legal fees.

SPEAD THE WORD PLEASE. This is quite urgent. If these people wait until AFTER they’re fired, it’s a more difficult battle, and it’s harder to go on getting PAID while they’re fighting it.

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Of COURSE you can forward it, and I am happy to help work up a plan of action on a a good method (and citations) for filing the complaints against the employer IN ADVANCE of any firings. This will get the rat-bastards into checkmate!

Oh, here is something I just stumbled on, that could also be helpful:

I believe OSHA rules forbid exposing employees to DANGEROUS conditions which violate fundamental HUMAN RIGHTS.

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On Friday, August 27th, 2021 at 7:31 PM

I must ask, have these hospital employees filed complaints with their state’s Employment board? Kentucky is similar to CA in labor laws, which prohibit firing an employee in retaliation for them filing a complaint against their employer. When a person is fired shortly after filing a complaint, it is generally PRESSUMED to be a retaliatory firing, and makes it EASY to get a court order requiring the employer to go on PAYING the employee.

Discrimination: An employee may file a complaint with the Kentucky Commission on Human Rights (KCHR).

I STRONGLY urge all employees who wish to preserve for themselves additional legal recourse, (as well as ongoing PAY) to immediately FILE a complaint against their employer BEFORE the “firing” for their refusal to be injected.

The complaint is already filed, and it has much length to it. Although the suggestion is made that there is no “compelling” interest served by the vax mandates, if it were my lawsuit I would immediately filed an amended complaint to include VERY DIRECT allegations that the new jabs are ALREADY KNOWN to cause more harm than good.

And I would directly cite the 2010 Harvard-Pilgrim study of VAERS, which proved that VAERS reports LESS THAN 1% of the actual injuries and deaths after vaccination. I would also request “judicial notice” be taken of this evidence – HERE: (please download the PFD, because they may take this offline soon)

The REASON for citing this particular study is to make the POINT as to the number reported injuries and deaths from the new jabs in less than 8 months, and to point to the court to correct MATH which allows one to reach an more accurate number (per the 2010 Harvard Study of VAERS). The VAERS numbers corrected as per the Harvard study, requires that one multiply the VAERS numbers by at least 100 times!!! This, of course, exposed that the new jabs could well have killed over 1 million people since their introduction, which is clearly much higher than even the most exaggerated claims as to the number of “covid” deaths since the pandemic began. Therefore, the new jabs are clearly causing more DEATH than that which they are intended to protect anyone from.

Thanks for sharing this with me.

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