12th June, US Senate. Watch and Share.


Points not made in video (Rumble link below):
1. Spike Protein is Bioterror weapon
2. Spike has 4 major components all together giving it racial specificity (Ace2, Furin &Tmprss2 and GP120/41 HIV like attachment) Judy Mikovits just added: Don’t forget key syncytin In spike not LNP It’s HervW env/xmrv env like gp120 is hiv env All in VERO cells for noseeum recombination The Tmprss2 Furin all comes from xmrvs Don’t need anything else Perfect selective murder weapon.
3. Chinese are killed if assembled onto Coronavirus so unlikely designers of spike.
4. Spike protien Ace2s and GP120/41 have low affinity/ susceptibility to Ashkenazi Khazarians
5. Big Tech is run and funded by InQTel (CIA NSA – intelligence) and former agents of Unit 8200 dual citizens.
6. Our US military up to and including the level of the Joint Chiefs is complicit or involved. ( Robert Kadlec, MD and more)
7. Media is run by VOA through Smith-Mundt modernization act allowing propaganda on US citizens.
8. Declassification Board headed by Ezra Cohen-Watnick ( dual citizen) must declassify spike protein and research.
9. Adjuvant nanotechnology for Human AI interface ie Harvard professor Lieber’s work needs to be declassified as does the adjuvants in the vaccines.
10. All companies that participated must not have legal immunity; prosecution as racketeering and co conspirators must begin.
11. Investments of InQTel and Goldman Sachs as well as Blackrock who are now co- conspiring with foreign governments to sell American hard assets while leaving US citizens with worthless currency and soon to be perhaps worthless stocks and digital currency.
12. Our CIA and NSA as well as Unit 8200 directed the election vote rigging via funding of legislators though GPOS and though ownership. Of Dominion Hart Intercivics and EES to flip votes. Republicans and Democrats are involved and complicit. The 2020 elections were tampered with in concert with SarsCov2 released at the Wuhan military Olympic Games likely by US intelligence and Mosaad intelligence and Sayanim aka “Helpers”. Did Ft Dietrich, Mossad&GS know…spread to china at the Wuhan military Olympic Games ask Goldman Sachs who made $100 billion on betting our world economy would collapse? Original article is scrubbed so here it is from Wayback machine. http://web.archive.org/web/20210128171350/https://thedailycoin.org/2019/11/22/bridgewater-bets-1-5-billion-that-market-will-crash-by-march/ GSachs+ Mossad=money” Laraine Abbey-Katzev RN, MS, CNS
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Rumble — 12 June 2021 It’s official, there’s no stopping the truth!

The United States Senate announced today:

– Establishment Corona Narrative is a lie
– The media is covering up the truth
– Big tech censors
– Big Pharma and the WHO are being held accountable
– HCQ/ Ivermerctin effective against Covid and withheld.
– China is guilty

Source:  https://rumble.com/vifrwz-12th-june-us-senate.-you-must-watch-and-share..html

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