The Childhood Vaccination Moratorium

Two Petitions – One Strategy
White House Petition + FDA Petition = Political Pressure + Legal Standing

Every Vaccine Violates Federal Law
Since Every Vaccine Must be Shown to be Safe and Effective
Not One Vaccine has been Shown to be Either
The Courts have Held Vaccines are
“Unavoidably Unsafe”

FIRST: The Administrative Procedures Act (APA) Petition — Comments Until October 26th
You Can Reach the Comments Page here:
Filed 27 July 2017 – 1k1-8xr6-qzjy. FDA Docket No. FDA-2017-P-4500

SECOND: The New White House Petition — Comments Until August 31st
You Can Reach the Comments Page here:

Shortlink to the Twin Petitions’ FAQs page:

This is the Filed Administrative Procedures Act (APA) Petition

FDA Filing Acknowledgement

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