6 people in Lytton suffering after Vaccines

Dr. Charles Hoffe is under medical tyranny from his board because he is telling true experiences of what has happened to 6/900 patients in Lytton that he vaccinated before he stopped giving them out.  This is the corrupt world we live in. Get punished, threatened, bullied, for telling the truth of these toxic poisons. We need to see our politicians hanging from the gallows, for continuing on against all science. This is the biggest anti-science campaign in the history of the world.

Source:  awakecanada.org/6-people-in-lytton-suffering-after-vaccines/

2 thoughts on “6 people in Lytton suffering after Vaccines

  1. That town was just destroyed by DEW’s. Coincidence I’m sure. Absolutely torched all the homes, but the trees are fine.

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