A Warning to Doctors and Health Care Workers


With our thanks to the health freedom advocates who suggested a warning that you can download, print and post, or otherwise share on social media, we offer the following image:

Right click on the image and save it to your computer.

Share this widely on social media.  Our choice of social media is Telegram.org:  https://t.me/opensourcetruth


10 thoughts on “A Warning to Doctors and Health Care Workers

  1. Get over it. We are trying to save the planet. Do you not have children and grandchildren? You want variants cycling through the population for ever. Dr. Rima GROW THE PHUCK UP.

    1. Health and “saving the planet” unfortunately have absolutely nothing to do with the tyranny going on. This “virus” was lab grown right here in Massechusetts. Obama and Fauci sent it to Wuhan in 2015 for “further study”. The release was not accidental. The “vaccine” does not stop the spread. People who believe the narrative are deceived and need to wake up. This is about wealth transfer, control and globalism. Resist

      1. Dlanda, Thank you for a well informed comment. I bet I can guess that you’re not a Commie Liberal or a sheep.

    2. Please take the time to study fact and not fall for propaganda, or are you part of the machine? If so, shame on you.

  2. So where is the article? This is about the 4th page I have been directed to and the most you have shown is one silly notice (the WARNING). So where is your article, where is the story or evidence for your claim?

  3. Unfortunately, that potential liability is preempted by the PREP act which holds harmless any of the participants in administering countermeasures during a declared emergency, It morsally holds and should give practitioners a second thought, But the governmrnt planned for that and barring a MILITARY DEFEAT of the United States Government, as with germany in WW 2, there might be another Nuremburg trial, but without guns to enforce it, it is only wishful thinking.

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