Obituary for Heroic General

Our Correspondent in Japan

Dear Friends,

I have attached an article of the Economist dated February 6th, an American friend has sent me.

It concerns the death of General Antoshkin, commander of the “Liquidators” at Chernobyl.

It has led me to compare radioactivity with the current Covid-19 virus.

Their invisibility has allowed different approaches.

Radioactivity is protected by concealment ! It is simply immoral.

The law of history will not allow it indefinitely.

General Antoshkin was consulted as an expert when other nuclear accidents occurred.

“In 2011,he sighed over Fukushima, and how slow the Japanese were. They should have called on the whole world to help.”

There is thus much food for thought in this article.

With warmest regards,
Mitsuhei Murata
Former Japanese Ambassador of Japan to Switzerland


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