Android / iPhone COVID-19 Tracking Pre-App

Check Your Cell Phone!
What About Your Informed Consent?

Tyler Durden of Zero Hedge — — tells us:

“If you downloaded the latest iOS update back in May, and any following updates, then congratulations…your COVID-19 infection status will likely soon be tracked by state health officials as part of each state’s contact tracing efforts. Many iPhone users across the US have over the past few days started to notice a new setting under the “privacy” subtab of the iPhone health app. It looks like this, and allows users to “toggle on” COVID-19 exposure logging.  It’s all thanks to the latest update of Apple’s iOS operating system for iPhone, iOS13.5.” [1]

We’ve ascertained that Android cell phones have the COVID Tracking Pre App showing up on them as well.

To confirm this for yourself, if an iPhone go to Settings and Privacy for the Pre App.  If an Android go to Settings and Google: you will see a link labeled “COVID-19 Exposure Notifications.” 

There do not appear to be controls at the
Pre App that allow you to delete it from your phone.

We are seeking advice from experts regarding safeguarding your privacy
and will post additional information as we receive it.
If you have suggestions, please add Comments to this posting.

Remember, a Pre App is simply a link that gets you to where you can download the actual App.  Question:  are these really just Pre Apps or are they the real Apps in disguise?

It is clear that unless either Android or iPhone receive your Informed Consent by you activating the Tracking App, they do not have your permission and are liable for violating your rights.  For example, they claim the App leaves you anonymous to third parties, but they also acknowledge that the Tracking Apps are established by local government authorities. What rights are you waiving when your activate that Tracking App? Who can you trust?

Think carefully about activating the Tracking App.



2 thoughts on “Android / iPhone COVID-19 Tracking Pre-App

  1. The “COVID 19 Exposure Notifications” tracking app is also on Android phones under Settings – Google services. You have to have Bluetooth enabled for it to work.

  2. My niece has an i phone and automatic updates are TURNED OFF. The Covid-19 tracking app still appeared on her phone! She double checked her update status and it remained TURNED OFF. How did this app get on her phone?!?!

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