Another State About to Abrogate Religious Liberty



Bill S2173 will be amended to remove religious exemptions for vaccinations in its entirety. If this bill passes, NJ law will deny education to an estimated 14,000 NJ students (from daycare to graduate school) based on their religious beliefs.

The bill is on the agenda for the Senate Health Committee on THURSDAY December 12th. Then the full Assembly and Senate meet on Dec 16.  It is very possible that the bill moves through committee and both houses and gets signed into law this month…if we do not stop it!  This is by far the most urgent situation in NJ we have faced regarding religious freedom and parental rights.  They are trying to replicate what happened in NY in NJ!

Please mobilize your church leaders, husbands, wives, family and friends.

  • Step 1:  Everyone needs to call AND email the Senate health committee members this Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (repeat the process every day).  Visit the offices if they are local.
  • Step 2:  Plan to be in Trenton on 12/12 AND 12/16.

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