Breaking Up the US FDA

Breaking Up the US FDA…

A current rumor on the Internet has it that President Trump wants to abolish or combine various US Federal Agencies to create a leaner, more efficient Federal Bureaucracy. [1]

Suggestions are bantering about Facebook, Minds and Twitter.

We no doubt each have our favorite agency to see “disappeared.”    Certainly, at least the second-most-hated agency is the FDA — the Food and Drug Administration, known to some of its detractors as the Fraud and Death Administration.  It is one of the most convoluted and omnipresent agencies in the bloated organization chart of the Federal Establishment. [2]

It’s been just over a decade since an official government study of the FDA proclaimed:

The “November 2007 Report of the Subcommittee on Science and Technology – FDA Science and Mission at Risk.

1) The FDA cannot fulfill its mission because its scientific base has eroded and its scientific organizational structure is weak.

2) The FDA cannot fulfill its mission because its scientific workforce does not have sufficient capacity and capability.

3) The FDA cannot fulfill its mission because its information technology (IT) infrastructure is inadequate.

4) FDA does not have the capacity to ensure the safety of food for the nation.

5) The development of medical products based on “new science” cannot be adequately regulated by the FDA.

6) There is insufficient capacity in modeling risk assessment and analysis.

7) The FDA science agenda lacks a coherent structure and vision, as well as effective coordination and prioritization.

8) The FDA has substantial recruitment and retention challenges.

9) The FDA has an inadequate and ineffective program for scientist performance.

10) The FDA has not taken sufficient advantage of external and internal collaborations.

11) The FDA lacks the information science capability and information infrastructure to fulfill is regulatory mandate.

12) The FDA cannot provide the information infrastructure support to regulate products based on new science. [3]

The FDA is a failed agency…

…that, in Dr. Ron Paul’s memorable words, “engages in abuse of power.” He said, in effect, ‘Giving the FDA more power is giving it more power to abuse.’

Even the FDA’s own scientists are complaining about the corruption that pervades the agency — and this is not the first time conscientious scientists have raised these issues. [4]

Then we have the strange case of William W. Thompson, PhD., the whistle-blower in the CDC (an agency that acts in conjunction with the FDA) who exposed the shocking fact that the CDC knew the MMR vaccine was associated with elevated autism rates among especially black boys. [5]

I believe that due to the (1)  FDA’s focus on the drug industry (80% of its funding comes from Big Pharma “user fees”) and (2)  its failure to protect the safety of the food supply, (3)  while engaging in international “harmonization” that degrades organic standards and allows ever-increasing levels of toxins (including antibiotic residues) in the food supply, the FDA is incapable of administering food regulations.

The FDA’s prejudice against nutrient supplementation and traditional homeopathic and natural remedies means these advanced healthcare alternative competitors to pharmaceuticals are denigrated, marginalized and regulated against.

What is the answer?

What would, say, a businessman who became President do?

I suspect it would be to tell FDA to, in the immortal words of John Galt, “Get out of the way.”

We need to engage market forces to stimulate advanced alternatives to a medical system that is now the major source of death in our society, according to a landmark peer-reviewed article by Dr. Gary Null. [6]

We need to divest the FDA of any authority over foods. Maybe then it can focus on the dangers of pharmaceuticals, including the un-insurable risks of mandatory “unavoidably unsafe” vaccination, as it was mandated by law in 1986 to do. Historically both the DEA and EPA were “spun-off” the FDA.

We need to free Foods (including nutrients, and natural and homeopathic remedies) from the deadly hands of the FDA.

Health Freedom Advocates have proposed the Natural Remedies Access Act which would protect foods, vitamins, homeopathics and other natural remedies from FDA’s fake science “risk/benefit” analysis which always leads to restricting access. [7]

That’s a first step toward deregulating and divesting.

The details? I suppose we’ll have to leave that up to the CEO-in-Chief.

By Ralph Fucetola JD

[This article was originally published at the Bolen Report:

[1] “Merge the food-safety functions of the USDA, HHS, and FDA into a single agency within the Department of Agriculture.”

[2] When I first called for divesting FDA of food authority:

[3] November 2007 Report of the Subcommittee on Science and Technology, “FDA Science and Mission at Risk.”




[7] Read the bill here:

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