3 thoughts on “Bull Bjorn Andres: About courage, integrity and fighting for our freedoms.

  1. I would love to meet you. I come from New York City, and I am happy to say there are quite a lot of police officers and firefighters too who have refused the Frankenshot-clot-shots. The unions have completely betrayed their members. In New York, the politicians are not only cowards but mega-bribe takers. The doctors are mostly cowards and bribe-takers, with the exception of very few really brave, good ones.
    I have lost a lot of “friends” and “associates” through my outspoken views and constant emailing and demonstrating, but have made new ones which I value far more. I would like very much to offer my friendship to you…I am married to a German who lives in Bonn…we stay together now. We both would be proud to know you. My email is ellenrixford@aim.com. If you write to me I would be honored.

  2. Yes, most humans are zombies, robots and morons. They see it as safer and smarter. Really. Few humans seek Truth, or want to know anything different from the brainwashing/propaganda that controls them and determines their behavior. Are there still homo sapiens sapiens? Or, are there only homo zombies? Aren’t most humans simply willing to be controlled and lied to? We have strength in numbers, and yet, a single brave person will still find himself/herself, completely alone in the face of the vile tyrants. For those humans who value freedom, and they are very few, it is worth standing against the bullies. The tens of millions of humans who live by sucking off the Government Teet will not stand up for freedom. Government is the Enemy.

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