CDC Continuing Mask Mandates Reflects New Form of American Communism

Roger L. Simon
April 15, 2022


The Center for Disease Control’s announcement it is extending the federal mask mandate for planes and trains until (at least) May 3 continues the use of the mask as the emblem of a relatively new form of what we might call American communism.

No real proof exists that masks actually work to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Further, airplanes are known to have some of the most virus-free air extant through HEPA filtration.

So the mask is not a medical necessity, it is a symbol of something and that something is acquiescence to government control.

It has become our version of the hammer and the sickle or the Mao hat. Some will wear it for the rest of their lives, even if and when it’s declared unnecessary. It will be part security blanket, part symbol of loyalty to the state.

Communism has always been elitist in nature, using the pretense of class struggle and the putative dictatorship of the proletariat to preserve as strongly as possible the power of the leadership and their allies over the people.

But old-fashioned communism does not easily apply in America. We are still a wealthy country.

Our version owes as much to Louis XIV as it does to Karl Marx.

Go to any fancy hotel or restaurant, even in free Florida, and you will find the staff all to be masked while the rich patrons go maskless. Who knows what happens on private jets?

Nancy Pelosi, AOC, the vast majority of Democratic, and alas many Republican, politicians deem the mask unnecessary for them, as long as we, the great unwashed, wear them.

It’s what we do that’s important, not what they do. We’ve seen this pattern again and again.

How anti-working class the Democratic Party has become, indeed creating a new form of communism without the bother of paying homage to the laboring man or woman. The Dems seem to despise them. The poor dears don’t understand equality… or is it equity? They’re not sufficiently “anti-racist” or “woke.”

But if you wear a mask you are—or signal that you are.

This April 13 action by the CDC extending the mandates can be looked upon as a harbinger of things to come. Most polling and political auguries are predicting a Republican sweep this November.

The Deep State, of which the CDC is an integral part, will do anything it can to prevent that.

Even if the new mandates expire May 3 as planned, this sudden extension creates an atmosphere that prepares the ground for further impromptu extensions to come, likely timed closer to the November voting.

These will be aimed at generating confusion and multiple health fears via one or two new COVID variants that suddenly emerge. This new danger would be used to justify various forms of voter shenanigans, especially the anti-democratic, and ultimately lethal, mail-in voting.

Wearing masks is a symbol of acquiescence to all those levels, that you have been indoctrinated in this new communism.

That New York State is requiring children under five to continue to wear masks is perhaps the most salient, even frightening, example of this indoctrination, beyond what the CDC is doing, almost redolent of the Hitler Youth or the Young Communist League.

What do you imagine these children think is happening to them?

Be on your guard until November—and after that as well.

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