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Half Our eMail List Members Were Slashed Without their Approval or Knowledge!

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We need your help.  The Powers That THINK They Be have blocked/removed 50% of our huge email list.  Why? Because we tell you the truth about the things that they want you to believe their lies about. But we can fight back. And to do that, we need your help.  I am personally asking you to ride your ‘Freedom Mouse’ to tell everyone you can reach on every social media platform that they need to sign up for our mailing list (or rejoin if they are among the slashed). Here is the link to send them to so that we can rebuild the Army of the Informed:.

You see, at least once a year many tens of thousands of people who signed up for the Health Freedom eMail List are arbitrarily – and, let me add, illegally –  “slashed” off the list without their knowledge or consent.  This is the “privatized censorship” that Counsel Ralph has been warning about for years.

But the mega tech companies that do this are technically private so they say they can censor what, and whom, they like for any – or no – reason.

We at Natural Solutions have always maintained that our freedoms remain alive as long as we have the Internet available.  Well, slashing 50% of our list is both a violation of your right to access what you like and a violation of your free speech — and mine… you know, the First Amendment!

Every month Natural Solutions pays a top flight internet service provider a good deal of money to protect your private information using the latest technology; they do a great job. The “death by a hundred thousand [email] slashes” hack-attack performed on our list is not aimed at getting to your data, rather, it’s aimed at the health freedom community, specifically at slashing us apart so our voice become totally inaudible.  You get removed from the list without agreeing to be slashed off! Think about it! It happened again over the holidays, when no one was looking. Merry Christmas and Happy Censorship.

Health Freedom’s voice – YOUR voice – is being slashed and silenced. You need to Sound the Alarm and Alert Your Circle of Influence.

Here’s how: You and hundreds of thousands of other people opted in to be on our list.  But once They slash you off,  you won’t get this message or any other message from us – ever again.

If you were slashed, you got no notice from your “service providers” that your right to speak and to know whatever you like had been slashed to pieces, electronically.

But here is the kicker: while these government-privileged email companies, profiting from their use of our Public Utility Internet, are censoring your speech, it is just as if Congress had (unconstitutionally) authorized direct Internet Censorship and banned us, BUT since the companies are not [allegedly] “the Government”, this is somehow supposed to be legal.

Let’s be clear, this is not just an attack on Natural Solutions Foundation (as much of an attack as the unnecessary death of General Bert, nearly two years ago, by the way), it is direct political censorship and, as such, is a complete violation of your rights. Clearly, “The Powers That THINK They Be” are worried that truthful information about natural health and health freedom threatens their control over your health and your freedom.  Clearly, they are right.

In fact, that is precisely the reason that, 15 years ago, General Bert and I closed our practice of medicine, sold our house to generate the necessary funding, and created the Natural Solutions Foundation in the first place!

Here’s how we fight this assault on your rights and mine: You spread this message to everyone in all your circles of influence.  Spread this short link:   https://tinyurl.com/reject-censorship  — you can make sure that your friends who were slashed from our health freedom list – and everyone else who values their right to make their own decisions – joins or rejoins the email list.

Make sure you take the time to share this as widely as you possibly can.  Your freedom and autonomy, your right to access the information that YOU decide you want, are at stake.

Remember, if someone else controls your information and what happens to your body (and your children’s bodies) you are no longer free in any meaningful sense.

You are a merely slave.

The battle is for your freedom. Let’s win it.

If you have come to this web page and are not receiving Dr. Rima’s email newsletter, you can sign up again, right here:

Link to this Form: https://tinyurl.com/reject-censorship

Remember, because of the way they work, it is essential to make sure that you “like” and “friend” us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NaturalSolutionsFoundation/ —  and “follow” us on twitter @DrRimaLaibow.

A good deal of what “They” do not want you to have access to is what Dr. Rima Recommends™ is right here:  www.NSFmarketplace.com.

Yours in health and freedom,
Dr. Rima
Rima E. Laibow MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation

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