2 thoughts on “Christine Massey reveals to the Health Ranger: Covid-19 “virus” has NEVER been isolated and shown to cause disease

  1. The most sensitive method to see single molecules is called X-ray crystallography. It”s resolution ~1×10-10m!!!. It uses a very complicated mathematical calculations, not possible to perform by hand. All what one needs in order to see a single Angstroem or nm large biological object is to have the crystal made of the single molecules of this stuff, X-ray source with all the equipment around in order to in the final stage get the calculated model of that illuminated object. There are hundreds of thousands deposited structures of protein, their complexes with RNA/DNA, with drugs pharma is developing, and there are few structures of viruses… How to get them to crystallize is a huge task for a biochemist though, personally I never worked on those, so can’t say much on purification and isolation of viruses. One can only add the entire mathematical part of retreiving these models is so automated that nobody is looking any more in the core, which was developed decades back. It is like GPS, somebody owns the design, and 100% of all pilots and ‘just using them’ without a single thought that there might be somewhere a trap.

  2. Sorry, but telling that ‘genetic material is not even true’ is a complete lack of real knowledge!!!! Please educate yourself how to make crop plants resistant to chemicals!!!! Then you will get that indeed genes can be manipulated, cut, sliced, multiplied and back-inserted into living organism and change it. Please, get this fact, that the entire covid story is ALL ABOUT GENETICALLY MODIFYING HUMANS!!!! That’s the entire point of the mRNA injections!

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