Climate Engineering And Climate Collapse, A Live Debate On WBAI Radio In New York

This one hour live debate on WBAI radio in New York (hosted by Geoff Brady) presents two opposing positions and conclusions regarding the state of the climate and the biosphere. Dane Wigington (lead researcher from and Patrick Wood (author of the book Technocracy Rising) debate the facts. The significance of the threat posed by ongoing global climate engineering operations is addressed, along with the role that climate engineering operations are playing in the rapidly unfolding climate / biosphere collapse, which Mr. Patrick Wood denies is occurring.

Facts matter if credible conclusions are to be reached. Opinions and conclusions that lack verifiable facts, are ideology. If we are to have any chance of gaining desperately needed traction in the critical fight to expose and halt the climate engineering / intervention insanity, we must stand on credible data. All are needed in the effort to wake the masses to what is unfolding at blinding speed, make your voice heard.

Dane Wigington