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Whose Revolution Will It Be?

Are We on the Verge of the Great American ‘Color Revolution’?

Tuesday 6 PM EST

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Red… Orange… Yellow… Green… Blue…

Since the Fall of the Soviet Union a series of ‘Color Revolutions’ have challenged, even overthrown, globalist tyrants. 

Those revolutions have been symbolized by colors on flags and vests, not skin color. Are Americans to live through their own Color Revolution?

If so, will it be a revolution based on a common commitment to a free nation and a return to strict adherence to the constitutional limits of government or a medical tyranny so profound that it will consume and destroy every constitutional guarantee? Americans of all sexes, colors and ethnicities must agree that the right of Informed Consent is the defining issue of the 21st Century, and defend it, or there is nothing left to defend.

The conflict is between personal freedom (Informed Consent) and globalist suppression and enslavement. The issue transcends political parties and who happens to be president.

The most significant instrument of that oppression is the syringe.

A bit of history may serve to guide us.

In 1990, as the USSR collapsed under the dead weight of decades of socialist policies, the Old Communists attempted a coup. Boris Yeltsen, President of the Russian Republic, a state in the USSR, stood against the coup, taking refuge in the main Republic government building in Moscow, also known as the “White House”. Tens of thousands of Russians gathered, interposing their bodies between their government and the attempted Red Coup.

While Red Army tanks rolled toward the building, the crowd unfurled the forbidden old Russian White, Blue and Red flags as they prepared to defend their freedom. During a long, cold night the people stood their ground [Fueled, it is reported, by barrels of vodka and tons of sausages provided by the capitalist speculators of the then new Moscow Commodity Exchange]. That night, the Army chose the people over the government and tank turrets turned away from the building to defend the people against the Coup. That night, the people of Russia redeemed their nation from the nightmare of seven decades of political oppression.

Subsequent ‘Color Revolutions’ sprang-up: “Georgia’s Rose Revolution (2003) and in Ukraine’s Orange Revolution (2004). In most but not all cases, massive street-protests followed disputed elections or requests for fair elections and led to the resignation or overthrow of leaders regarded by their opponents as authoritarian. Some events have been called ‘color revolutions’, but differ from the above cases in certain basic characteristics. Examples include Lebanon’s Cedar Revolution (2005) and Kuwait’s Blue Revolution (2005).” [1]

In 2010 the Green Arab Spring revolts joined the parade of ‘Color Revolutions’.

Have the American States come to their own ‘Color Revolution’ moment?

Medical tyranny, dubbed “Faucism” [2] in (dis)honor of the duplicitous and dangerous Dr. Anthony Fauci, is the point of the arrow aimed at the heart of our Republic. The threat of DNA altering, nano-chip laced vaccines forced upon a subject people, is completely inconsistent with the universal right of Informed Consent and every personal liberty guaranteed by the US Constitution.

Both sides appear poised… for what?
Join us as we discuss what happens next in our
Estimate of Situation, Podcast Livestream, this Tuesday.

Special Guest:  Whistleblower Zach Vorheis

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colour_revolution
[2] http://www.opensourcetruth.com/un-masking-faucism-medical-tyranny/

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