Lost Arts Radio Show #307 – Special Guest Mark Steele

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The Science Of EMF Weapons – Understanding 5G With Mark Steele

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 11/8/20

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Mark Steele

Mark Steele (www.saveusnow.org.uk) has a background in frequency weapons development. He understands 5G not as a communications technology but as a weapons system, being rolled out across America and the world, for use against humanity. One of the reasons I especially wanted to have Mark come back on the show is the fact he has explained before about 5G’s effect on oxygen molecules. Specifically, while 4G has a negative effect on water molecules, including those in the human body, 5G has an effect on oxygen molecules, making them more difficult for our bodies to use. Gee, what a coincidence. That sounds like the main characteristic of real COVID-19 cases: the inability of normally functional lungs to transfer oxygen to the blood flowing through them.

Mark Steele is the perfect person to look into this interesting coincidence and talk about what 5G technology is all about. This is one more piece of essential understanding to enable us to see through the fake “pandemic” and heal society. Yes, doctors who have successfully treated hundreds or thousands of real COVID-19 cases with cheap and effective protocols, who get banned from social media and corporate media for reporting their success, verify it is a real sickness, but easily cured in 24-48 hours with the right treatment. So there is deadly danger from this “pandemic,” but from the lockdowns of society, not from the virus itself. Super Depression, mass starvation and severe tyranny are the purpose of the “pandemic,” and they have been set in motion. An awake population could turn it around. Mark Steele is one of the teachers to help put the puzzle pieces together.

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