Contacting the Trump Transition Team

Here is how vaccine choice advocates are reaching the President-elect’s Transition Team. The media release below was issued by the Natural Solutions Foundation on November 15th.

For Immediate Release
Trump Transition Team Urged to Endorse
Briefing Paper on Vaccine Safety and Mandates
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November 15, 2016, Newton, NJ: Maj. Gen. Bert Stubblebine (US Army, Ret.), Natural Solutions Foundation President, issued the following statement today:

“This is a strategically opportune moment to influence the President-elect in good ways. It is urgent that the Trump Transition Team health care policy decision makers focus on the threat that unsafe vaccines pose to our children. End Vaccine Mandates Now!”

The Natural Solutions Foundation and the Institute for Health Research have co-authored a briefing document for the Transition Team that reviews the issues of vaccine safety, vaccine mandates and the universal right to informed consent.

The briefing was filed November 14, 2016 through the Transition Team web site “suggestions” form.

This briefing document has over sixty citations to scientific reports and appellate decisions, making the case that vaccination is an uninsurable risk; vaccines are unavoidably unsafe. The briefing concludes with four specific policy recommendations which the Transition is urged to endorse and adopt.

These are:

[1] Stop all Federal Funding for vaccine mandates.

[2] Require (a) CDC Vaccine Committee members to be free of all conflicts of interest; and (b) end pharmaceutical company tort liability exemption and the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP).

[3] Adopt the proposed Freedom of Informed Refusal of Medication (FIRM) Act.

[4] Encourage Alternatives to Vaccination: a Normal Immune System

An action item web form letting people email the Transition Team about vaccination has been set up here: and the briefing document is posted here:

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