Dr. Rima’s Guest Tomorrow
3 August 2021 – 6 PM EDT

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Brian A. Wilkins is the founder of COVID Legal USA and The COVID Blog.

Both sites went online in January 2021 and garner roughly 20,000 page views per day. COVID Legal USA leverages database technology, dynamic programming algorithms and legal research to create “robot lawyers” that assist pro se litigants with document preparation, legal research and execution of lawsuits, legal defense, etc. The COVID Blog is fast-becoming the go-to news site in the world for critical thinkers and truth seekers needing and wanting information that is censored by mainstream media and big tech.

Brian has worked in the fields journalism, broadcasting and content marketing in some capacity for over 25 years. His research and writing acuity caught the eye of immigration, criminal defense and business attorneys. That led to myriad legal writing opportunities and expanded his already-thorough understanding of U.S. law, rules of civil/criminal procedures, etc. Brian has also ghostwritten memoirs and e-books for people of all walks of life. He is (was) also a certified personal trainer.

Brian owns over 15 websites. He believes in natural health and wellness, and has not stepped foot in a doctor’s office since 2008. Brian loves everything 80s and early 90s, a proud Generation X kid. His free-spirit mentality led to him outfitting an old conversion van as a camper, complete with both solar and generator power. He lived and traveled in it for over three years.




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