Denmark to reopen schools and indoor activities to ‘corona passport’ holders

Denmark to reopen schools and indoor activities to ‘corona passport’ holders
The Danish health ministry has announced that ‘corona passport’ holders can return to school and regain access to indoor activities later this week, as the country continues to reopen following its lockdown.

The gradual easing of restrictions was initially agreed by the government in February, and it hopes to have lifted the vast majority of the nation’s lockdown measures by the end of May, depending on the progress of its vaccination program.

The relaxation will allow indoor venues – including cinemas, concert venues, sports facilities, and theaters – to reopen, although there will be a limit on the number of attendees allowed at any one time. Elementary schools, which were subject to partial closures under the December lockdown, will reopen, allowing students to return to the classroom.

Entry to those locations that are reopening will be contingent on individuals having a ‘corona passport’ that confirms that the holder has either been vaccinated, has recently recovered from infection, or has tested negative in the past 72 hours.

Denmark was one of the first countries in Europe to enter a national lockdown, back in March 2020, after it saw an increase in hospital admissions that threatened to overwhelm its health service.

Since the start of the pandemic, it has reported 252,912 cases of coronavirus and 2,490 deaths from Covid-19, according to data provided to the World Health Organization. The country of 5.8 million has so far administered 1,805,829 vaccine doses.


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