Do I Really Have Informed Consent Rights?

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Opinion: Dr. Rima
Rima E. Laibow, MD, Medical Director, Natural Solutions Foundation, September 21, 2020

I received an interesting email today that asked a bunch of questions about the Advance Medical Directive Cards. By the way, the cards are available at with shipping and handling included. The super low price introductory special ends September 30, so ordering one for each person you care about now makes good sense.

But the email contained so many good questions that I thought I would publish it, and my interleaved answers, as a public service.  I have, of course, redacted the name of the sender. The original email is in gray italics and my responses are in [bold brackets in blue].

Hi, I came across your website this evening and was reading about these gold and silver cards you offer. Although I do understand the meaning behind them, there seems to be no distinction between them. [The Gold Card is an Advance Vaccine Directive asserting your Right of Informed Consent under the International Treaty Law (which is US law) of the Geneva Convention. The Silver Card is an Advance Sanitary Masking Directive asserting your right to protection under the American With Disability Act (ADA) to not mask if you have an underlying health issue (including breathing) that the mask will make worse.  That condition, which it is illegal to ask you to verify or substantiate, may be emotional, mental or physical. The ADA specifically includes breathing issues and has no requirement that you obtain a doctor’s excuse letter]

Can you please tell me what is the difference between the gold and the silver card? [See above.] Also are these legitimate enough to be recognized by authorities? [We would not sell them if they were not legitimate. If you assert your rights correctly, your rights must be recognized by authorities.  If they are not, there are meaningful actions which you can take.] In other words, if I enter a business where they require you wear a mask and I am not wearing one, and quickly whip out my card saying I am exempt from wearing one, [See the articles on my interaction with, for example, Office Depot where I was barred from shopping unmasked until I got a written response from the General Manager and published that] Are these cards universally known or recognized by the public [Nothing is universally known to the public] to where I could actually get away without wearing a mask? [I go maskless all the time, using the card.  See my article at on the steps I have taken when both Verizon and T Mobile banned me from their stores on Saturday. We have to be proactive and spread the awareness that we are protected by the law] The reason I ask is because I have never heard of these cards before, nor has anyone I know heard of them. [Thousands of people are using them.  It is a big world.  You can be the source of information for a lot of people and that will be a public service to all of them.] And I don’t want to go through the trouble to purchase one if it will not be honored by anyone. [I have had personal experience with the Gold and Silver cards.  So far, no one has forced a vaccine on me (or on my husband when he was in the hospital for an extended period).  Some places recognize the masking card and some do not.  The more people who use the card, the more places will recognize it.] I do realize I do have rights, but it seems these days not too many people really care about your rights. [It is up to us, each of us, to make sure that our rights are honored. It is not a matter of “caring about our rights” it is a matter of clearly asserting them and following through if they are not honored; I recommend that people use a body cam (inexpensive ones are available for about $79)]

I may walk into a business with no mask, whip out my gold or silver card, and just be laughed at and that no one would take me seriously. [See above] Perhaps even saying that I fabricated the card myself in order to bypass wearing a mask. [You could do your own legal research and fabricate your own card.  It is not the card that gives you the right; the card assists you in asserting it effectively] I guess I am trying to get some reassurance that if I do indeed buy one of these cards that I am not wasting my time energy and money for nothing, only to be harassed to putting on a mask. I have the same questions for the vaccine exemption cards. [See the articles at and join us for the Unmasked Crusader livestream this coming Saturday, September 26, 2020, 7 PM EST by subscribing to, clicking on “All Messages” and then join us for a discussion of masking realities and rights in the US. Here’s the link for the livestream:]
Thank you. Sincerely, NAME REDACTED.
When we all assert our rights clearly we support each other in asserting our rights effectively.
          Yours in health and freedom,

          Dr. Rima

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