#Don’tYouDare Basic Questions We All Need to Ask No. 673



Powerhouse social justice advocate Marti Oakley asked one of the basic questions we all should be asking today. [1]

Here’s the simple question:

Will someone please explain to me, how….when Fauci, Gates and these other genocidal maniacs admit that no virus has been isolated or defined…..

How the hell can you report that severe variant strains are cropping up in various places?

You never isolated this COVID scam….how could you possibly determine that there are new strains?

Someone?  Anyone?

Yup.  She is totally correct.  And, beyond that, if the virus has never been isolated or defined, how can you conduct a PCR test for it? Answer? You can’t.  The test is statistical and scientific nonsense.

And remember #DontYouDare — get your Advance Vaccine Directive Card here:  https://tinyurl.com/AVDcard


[1] COVID? Riddle me this…. | The PPJ Gazette

2 thoughts on “#Don’tYouDare Basic Questions We All Need to Ask No. 673

  1. I agree with what you are saying completely. Does the ADV gold an silver cards work in UK and any part of the world? If so I want to order but not sure how. I don’t take normal flu vaccine so I don’t want to take any covid vaccine either.

    1. The Gold Advance Vaccine Directive Card is based in international and national law and is valid in every country which has ratified the Geneva Conventions, which does include the UK.
      The Silver Advance Sanitary Masking Card is based in US law so it would not be valid in the UK although there are laws similar to the Americans With Disabilities Act there.

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