Dr. Rima Comments to Medscape: Vaxx Hesitancy is Good Medicine

Vaccine Hesitancy is Good Medicine

Here is the comment I just posted at Medscape Psychiatry in response to their question, “How do you deal with vaccine hesitancy among colleagues and friends?” [1]

A new study, Pathogenic antibodies induced by spike proteins of COVID-19 and SARS-CoV viruses | Research Square, shows that the spike protein elicits 2 specific antibodies which are themselves pathogenic leading to a variety of potentially cataclysmic immunologic, hematologic cardiovascular, pulmonary, reproductive and neurologic consequences.

US, EU and other data bases make it clear that the consequences of these injections are vastly different from those of other injections by several orders of magnitude, yet these deeply concerning facts seem to be of no consequence in the drum beat for mandatory acceptance of the jabs.
Given that the experimental technology of both mRNA and DNA injections induces spike protein formation, with subsequent antibody production for prolonged, but unknown periods of time, hesitancy to accept these injections seems both prudent and rational to me.

Further, independent examination of the contents of vials of all of the injections approved at any level in the US makes it clear that unlabeled contaminants are present in all of these vials, again, in my mind, making hesitancy to accept these injections both prudent and rational.

So the way I deal with vaccine hesitancy is to encourage it until we know a great deal more about these injections.
Since natural immunity is vastly more protective than that conferred by these jabs, I see no need or rationale for them. Further, the entire diagnostic armamentarium is so flawed that we, quite literally, do not have any idea what it is that we are treating with these “vaccines” shown through autopsy studies, to be extremely leaky, spreading the contents of the jabs to every cell in the body despite manufacturer assurances that the materials remain stable at the injection site.

In sum, conservative advice and avoidance seem the best course to me at this point.

More information is available at www.opensourcetruth.com

[1] https://www.medscape.com/sites/public/covid-19/vaccine-insights/handling-vaccine-hesitancy-among-healthcare-workers-and-patients

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